Muller Erosion and Site Services

Muller Erosion & Site Services Announces New Dedicated Division for BMP/Stormwater Facility Installations

Muller Erosion & Site Services Will Expand Their Services with New Division


Merrifield, VA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 04/17/2018 --Muller Erosion & Site Services, the DMV's premier Erosion Control and Site Construction company, will expand their services with a new division dedicated entirely to BMP & Stormwater facility installation. The Muller Erosion & Site Services team saw an increased need for BMP/Stormwater installation services from its customers and decided to take advantage of an untouched market in the area.

Stormwater facilities are structures that are installed to improve the quality, while reducing the quantity, of storm water runoff before entering waterways such as lakes and streams. BMPs (Best Management Practices) are structural, vegetative or managerial practices used to treat, prevent or reduce water pollution.

Muller Erosion & Site Services provides services in erosion and sediment control, bond release, and jet/vac truck & CCTV services in addition to their new service division. "We are incredibly excited about the addition of a new division to the company," says President and Owner of Muller Erosion & Site Services, David Muller. "Not only is there a need for the BMP and Storm Water Instillation services, it is also contributing to protecting our water from pollution, which is an extremely important cause."

The new division dedicated to BMP and Stormwater Installation will include partnering with our clients to assist with value engineering the different Stormwater facility options available to them on design-build projects.