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Multi-Award Winning, Internationally Recognized Musician Louis Colaiannia Nominated for Best Chill/Groove Album 2013

Colorado native, Louis Colaiannia, has a another nomination to his growing list of musical tributes – Zone Music Awards


Denver, CO -- (ReleaseWire) -- 04/02/2014 --World-renowned musician, Louis Colaiannia’s “The Next Stage” album, was nominated for Best Chill/Groove Album 2013 by radio broadcasters from around the world.

The winner will be announced May 17, 2014 at the Zone Music Awards Concert at the Joy Theater in New Orleans.

“This really is a wonderful honor to receive the nomination since it is voted on by broadcasters from all the world,” Louis Colaiannia said.

There are four additional album nominees in the category to include:

“Below Zero” – Bryan Carrigan
“Crown in the Sky” – Lis Addison
“Primordial Sonics” – David Vito Gregoli
“Soundtrack to Life” – Cosmo frequency

Here are just some of the comments from well known reviewers about The Next Stage:

Kathy Parsons

“The Next Stage
Louis Colaiannia
2013 / Louis Colaiannia

I think The Next Stage is pianist/composer Louis Colaiannia’s most exciting and vibrant release to date. Mixing jazz, pop, new age, rock, and classical elements into a unique and tasty musical stew, Colaiannia has created a collection of nine diverse pieces that range from light and soothing to big and bold. Five of the nine tracks have appeared on previous releases dating back as far as 1996. One track is solo piano, but the others are ensemble works that include drums, bass, guitar, sax, vibes, and/or flute. Overall, if I had to categorize the album as a whole, I’d call it smooth jazz since there are intricate rhythms and elements of improvisation but no rough edges or jarring discordances.

The Next Stage opens with “City’Scapes,” a piece that first appeared as a single release in 2010. The full jazz combo with piano, guitars, bass, vibes, sax, flute, and percussion set a groove that is cool and breezy yet intense - a very nice start!

“Obsession” is slinky and sultry with a smoky sax and sparkling piano backed by a leisurely beat that can mesmerize. “Ramp It Up” kicks up the energy level and runs with it in a mood of light-hearted fun.

“Ancient Voices” dates back to 1997 and really showcases Colaiannia’s lightning-fast piano technique as well as his classically-trained chops. “Midnight” returns to smooth jazz silkiness at an easy-going pace with a sexy attitude.

“Where Angels Dance” is in more of a pop style and has a melody strong enough to carry lyrics - it would make a nice slow dance!

“Stephanie’s Eyes” is a Colaiannia classic, dating back to ’96. A warm and loving piece with a strong beat, I can see why this one has remained a favorite over the years. “Adam’s Light” also goes back to ’96 and is a playful, high energy piece that makes me think of a very young boy who is into everything and always on the run.

“Dancing Snowflakes” is another classic that goes back to the mid-90’s. This version is solo piano and was recorded live.

Colaiannia’s flying fingers were obviously a real crowd pleaser at the performance! It also appeared on Colaiannia’s 2011 Keys Of Christmas, but not as a piano solo.

If you are looking for some smooth piano and ensemble jazz, check out The Next Stage at, Amazon, iTunes, or CD Baby.

Only out for less than a month, The Next Stage is having a tremendous impact. Another review from Bill Binkelman, Zone Music Reporter:

The Next Stage

Pianist/keyboard player Louis Colaiannia takes the listener through a landscape of jazz and adult contemporary instrumental selections on his release, The Next Stage. Much of the time working with an ensemble (usually on the jazz tunes) and sometimes going solo (using synthesizers to add strings, rhythms, and other accompaniment), Colaiannia displays his talent and versatility across a swath of styles and motifs, really cutting loose on some of the jazz tunes, as well as showing his musical persona's classical side as well (on the delicate, neo-classical and whimsical "Adam's Light"). Opening with the energetic "Ancient Voice" (his usual first number when he plays live), the artist makes it clear this will not be a subdued affair, as his hands fly with a studied frenzy across the ivories, playing the Native-influenced piano motifs with restrained abandon, matched by Rob Glassman's drums, Melvin "Torch" Morford's bass, Bill Kerr's guitar and Rex Spease's sax. High octane jazzy numbers, such as "City 'Scapes" and "Ramp It Up" are counterpointed by the sultry, romantic sax-driven "Obsession." All in all, this "next stage" in the artist's discography is worthwhile listening.

Music and Media Focus has also written a review. An excerpt from Michael Diamond.

The music of Louis Colaiannia (coal-ee-AH-nah) is like a tree – with many branches, as well as deep roots. Spreading out from a foundation of classical music with influences of Mozart and Beethoven, Louis’ current sound has grown into the genres of contemporary instrumental, jazz, new age, chill, world music, and more. His latest release entitled The Next Stage brings all these elements together into a unique blend that can be both relaxing and energizing at the same time…

… Right from the start, the music draws you in with a sweetly seductive tune entitled “City ‘Scapes.” With a breezy Latin air, Louis’ piano intro builds in layers and is joined by nylon stringed acoustic guitar, bass, sax, flute, and percussion, creating a sound that could appeal to fans of Ottmar Liebert, Gipsy Kings, Marc Antoine, etc. A surprise element in the mix is the sound of vibes (vibraphone), sometimes adding a dreamy percussive ambience, and other times driving in high gear. The vibes are played by a young musical phenomenon named Joey Glassman, whose name I’m sure will be well-known one day. But with regard to recognized names, special guest sax-man, and official “Yamaha Performing Artist,” Greg Vail makes his first of two appearances on the next track which is entitled “Obsession.” For Louis, the title references the complete devotion one has for their passion in life, in his case, music. The tune features a sultry slow groove, with the beat and rhythm guitar, suggesting a quasi-reggae feel on the beginning and ending sections. Various movements and motifs unfold throughout the piece. On the appropriately titled “Ramp It Up,” earthy conga drums kick off the most upbeat song on the album. Latin jazz rhythms provide the propulsion for the ensemble to soar in this high-flying cruiser.

Read more at this link:

Colaiannia is a virtuoso of classical piano, accomplished songwriter, arranger and performer.

Louis holds a Mozart Award for his contributions to music, and his latest release, Obsession, continues to show his versatility.

He is a Primo Award winner two years in a row (2011 and 2012) for Italian American Entertainer of the Year and was recently inducted into the Colorado Italian American Hall of Fame 2012. He performs at the Festival Italiano every year on the main stage.

He has performed at Keystone Jazz Festival, Woodland Park Jazz Festival and Copper Mountain Jazz Festival.

Colaiannia is hosting a radio show packed with Smooth AC to New Age/Ambient music and guest appearances. Catch the show via the internet ( or at KYGT (102.7 FM).

When Colaiannia isn’t busy writing, arranging or performing, he’s usually found working on a nonprofit radio station in support of the Global Youth Music Project. For more information, go to

Denver based with a strong group of fans, Colaiannia is proud of his family’s legacy to the Rocky Mountain state. His great grandfather and grandmother came from Italy and settled in Denver and the family has been here since. “My family has been in Denver over 100 years,” he said.

Colaiannia was born in Denver, went to Denver Public Schools K-12, then University of Colorado at Denver, followed by my doctorate from University of Colorado Health Sciences Center in Denver.

“I studied piano first with Delome Kerstner in Denver (Starting at age 5), then I studied with the pianist from the Denver Symphony (it was Denver at the time) Kathleen Joiner, then finally with the head of piano from University of Denver, Lamont School of Music, Bill Sible.

Louis credits his success to sage advice given by his parents, Louis & Rose Colaiannia. “Mom always told me that if and when I ever set my sights on something, I should never quit…and Dad told me that I need to realize that everyone gets knocked down in life, but the successful get back up.”

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