MULTICLET Announces a New Product: The Key_P1 MULTICLET Digital Guardian

Multiclet announces the production launch of the Key_P1 MULTICLET Digital Guardian – a multi-function data protection device for PCs and storage devices.


Freeport, NY -- (ReleaseWire) -- 04/04/2014 --The modern world is like a global data field and the basic means for interacting with it are personal computers and electronic devices.

Users are now faced with the problem of protecting themselves from unsanctioned access, loss of data and possible virus/spyware attacks at the device level. Both private individuals and companies need a successful business to protect their PCs which is directly dependent on how well it can maintain the confidentiality of their know-how and information.

MULTICLET has the solution!

The company presents the Key_P1 MULTICLET Digital Guardian designed on the basis of multicellular processor with universal non Von Neumann architecture, which secures data against loss, theft and unsanctioned access. This is the company’s first product for the B2C sector.

What is the Key_P1 MULTICLET and what can it do?

The Key_P1 MULTICLET is a multi-function data protection device for PCs and storage drives with three connectors: USB – plug and socket and SD card slot.

The Key_P1 MULTICLET can do the following:

- Exchange encrypted messages and files between users (the files can be encrypted without storage drive);
- Secure passwords and PIN numbers and protect other personal information from fraudsters and one's own forgetfulness;
- Restore information even in the event of the loss of the device and storage drive.

It offers more than 15 functions, the list of which shall continue to grow in the future.

Key_P1 MULTICLET may form similar keys, which are useful, for example, for the exchange of information between employees who are on business trips and with the head office.

Modified (spying) drives introduced as keyboards and downloading data without your authorization, are no longer a concern - the Key_P1 MULTICLET does not allow them to work.

Key_P1 MULTICLET is intended to work with two types of storage drives - USB flash drives and SD cards. It is possible to extend the functionality of your device using the various adapters that are available.

The device will be available with two software versions:

- Personal
- Corporate

The corporate version includes the possibility to create hierarchical access to company information, in which, for example, the CEO has access to all files and on accessing specific information, may make this available to departments or individual employees, as required.

The product will be available exclusively on until 25 April 2014

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