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Multitudes of Enthusiastic Client Accolades Received by Survival Strategies, Inc.

A number of private practice owners recently spoke about their success on camera with regard to the consulting and training they received from Survival Strategies, Inc. These video clips have been published and are now available for viewing on YouTube.


Burbank, CA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 03/26/2012 --At a recent convention held by Survival Strategies, Inc., attendees went on camera to take the opportunity to share their success story and sing the praises of the company that helped them get there.

A sampling of 13 video clips – from Physical Therapists and Audiologists in the United States, to Physiotherapists in Canada – has been publicized on You Tube (

A common thread that is heard throughout the testimonials is the care and attention that each client received from their consultant and the fact that they felt Survival Strategies stuck by them through thick and thin to ensure they achieved the full results of the program for their practice.

They all had really interesting stories to tell; here are a few snippets of their enthusiastic reviews:

Allison Suran PT, Owner:

“My best accomplishment, I would say in completing the Referral Program, is that I’m still in business. The fact that my doors are open, I have an enthusiastic staff, we’re motivated, we’ve got great relationships with our doctors and referrals are coming in. That feels great to me, especially during this economy.”

Valerie Watase PT, Owner:

“My company has attained a lot of long lasting gains in attending the classes with Survival Strategies. That’s putting a framework into my private practice and implanting that with the staff in order to be more organized and efficient and have more certainty in a direction we’re going in.”

Richard Maung PT, DPT, MPT, Owner:

“One of my best accomplishments from working with Survival Strategies is my increased ability to lead the company into the future, looking at all the statistical data, realizing where our weaknesses are and where are strengths are and to be able to create a wonderful working atmosphere. I’m very happy with Survival Strategies and I consider Survival Strategies a part of my family.”

Eric Toribio PT, Owner:

“We started our company as a small practice. I remember around 2002 we were renting a facility of less than 1000 square feet. In 2005 we started the first program, the Referral Program. From then on we’ve been growing. One of the facilities that we have acquired is an 8000 square foot facility and we are in the middle of negotiating and we’re going to move our other clinic to this 15,000 square foot facility that will have an aquatics program and a wellness program.”

Gabrielle Sadowski AuD, Owner:

“Some of the long lasting gains that I have achieved with working with Survival Strategies is probably more confidence in myself as a business owner and I think that’s huge. Because I really didn’t have any business training and the support that I have received going through the different modules that I’ve done and working with somebody and having a step-by-step - this is what you need to do to get through - this has been really helpful for me because I’ve done other programs in the past and I’ve felt like I was floundering.”

Chad Elms PT, OCS, FAADMPT, Owner:

“I would definitely say I’m a Survival Strategies success. Our average collections have gone up about 66% per week since we took the Effective Reimbursement Program, so that’s been fantastic.”

Jeff Steckler, CEO, Owner:

“Every time we spoke, my consultant and myself, there was another realization that we came up with. Case in point, we were missing arrivals - patients were not arriving. We started out with something around 68% when we started the Referral Program and by the end of the Referral Program we had hit weeks when we had reached 90-92%.”

The Referral Increase Program

The majority of practice owners begin with Survival Strategies’ flagship service, the Referral Increase Program. This comprehensive program is a service that does not exist anywhere else on the market today. Rather than focus on lunches and massive amounts of mailings to doctors, this program zeroes in on building long-term productive relationships with doctors and other referral sources. It consists of precise training for the practice owner and their marketing personnel on 8 major principles spanning over a 4- day period. The practice owner then enters the internship phase with their assigned consultant, which they generally complete within 4 months. The program carries a guaranteed Return on Investment and is not considered complete until that ROI is achieved.

For more information regarding the Referral Increase Program, you can visit their website:

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