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Murder of another innocent college student gunned down in the harsh streets of Chicago

A sad state of affairs due to insecurity and increase in gun usage and gangs jeopardizing the existence of future generations.


Inwood, NY -- (ReleaseWire) -- 06/12/2019 --Neftali Reyes Jr. was a 17 year old teenager whose life was prematurely terminated on December 28, 2017. An unexpected occurrence that his family and friends are still grappling with as they seek justice for his murder. A son taken away from his mother Annette Flores and father Neftali Reyes Sr. Neftali who had great plans for their son's promising future.

Neftali had left home as usual one day to go for a shift at doordash. At 4 a.m. while driving to drop his friend and girlfriend before heading home, he was pursued by a group of unknown people. They followed them and bumped his car, causing Neftali to panic, unaware why they were pursuing or bothering them. He tried to drive fast to get away from them but lost control of the wheel, and crashed. The group in the car drove up and fired shots at Neftali's car with one bullet hitting him. The ambulance could not arrive in time to save him.

Neftali was born on May 3,1998 in Chicago, IL. A first born and the only son. Recalling his journey as a child, Neftali was a very alert and attentive baby who was quiet and always smiling. He loved watching cartoons and baseball with his father. It is at this point that we realized how much sports intrigued him. Since the time Neftali was able to sit up and reach out for things, his father put a ball in front of him. Neftali's little hands constantly had in them mini baseballs; his journey to a rewarding baseball player career began. A journey he walked till his last day as a sportsman with baseball prowess.

Hard work, dedication, ethics and discipline were qualities engraved in him. Neftali pursued his passion for baseball endlessly and tirelessly played on multiple teams and many tournaments. His sportsmanship and athletic gift enhanced with him throughout his years. Neftali's dream was to play for the Major League Baseball team and was starting to catch the eye of some baseball scouts.

A young and vibrant soul has been lost. Neftali was the first young man from both sides of his parents'family to graduate High School and attend college. He leaves a legacy the younger generations are eager to follow. Another innocent victim being robbed of their precious lives in the streets of Chicago. Please support us and join hands with thousands of people on our social media channels under #justiceforneftali

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