SF Multimedia Producer Makes Top 40 Single in the Millennial Generation Way

With the Support of San Francisco’s Top Radio Personalities


San Mateo, CA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 09/06/2013 --If you were part of the dance-club scene in the mid-90s, then you’ll likely remember the Top 40 single “Do You Miss Me?” performed by Jocelyn Enriquez and written by Glenn Gutierrez. The single peaked on several Billboard charts, including the coveted Top 40. The song was both a domestic and international hit.

Over 15 years later, San Francisco multimedia producer Anthony Garcia, along with music producer Venice John Valdez (aka Tug Beats), and YouTube celebrity Michelle Martinez have remade this single by giving it a new electronic dance music track inspired by Super Producer and DJ Dave Guetta. Accompanying the single is a slick new music video.

The support for this project has been overwhelmingly positive from the San Francisco Bay Area music community, with some of its top radio personalities agreeing to be a part of the music video. The list of celebrities includes 99.7 Now’s St. John, 106 KMEL’s LadyRay, 99.7 Now’s Strawberry, 103.3 AMP Radio's Joe Breezy, and 99.7 Now’s Freska. A large part of the support is due to the song's San Francisco origin.

In addition to introducing the song to a whole new market, Garcia is following the millennial generation’s lead by producing singles and music videos independently, without the luxury of backing from a music label or media company. Garcia produced the majority of this project both on his smartphone and from his living room on his laptop. “Thanks to new technology," says Garcia, "I was able to review audio tracks and video on my smartphone, have real-time online edit sessions from my kitchen table, and to negotiate deals on video conference calls using Google Hangout."

Like independent artists such as Macklemore, Garcia is currently using the internet to market the song and distribute it directly on iTunes. And despite the shoestring budget, the quality of the single and the video rivals that of any big-budget production.

To ensure the song is received well on the internet, a marketing decision was made to select talent that already has an online following. Singer and YouTube celebrity Michelle Martinez was chosen to sing the vocals. “When I was asked to be a part of this project I knew I was the perfect match," said Michelle. "I remember hearing the song as young girl.” Accompanying Michelle as the lead male in the video is rapper and singer M.i.C. To date, the combined views of their videos on YouTube are well over 9 million.

The single and music video were released last week on YouTube and iTunes, and to date the video has received over 10,000 views online with the numbers growing each day. Fans can also purchase the single on iTunes at:

The music video can be seen on YouTube at:

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