musicAcademia Helps Budding Pianists with a New E-Learning Platform

Too many musicians are restricted to the classics by a mentor or other guiding figure. Here to break this paradigm is musicAcademia, a new e-learning platform.


Milan, Italy -- (ReleaseWire) -- 10/18/2016 --The state of music today is one of interesting and diverse genres. And with the development of socially connective technology, there is enough room in the public eye to support a wealth of popular genres. So why exactly is nearly every novice piano player pigeonholed into Rachmaninov, Bach, and others? The answer is needless complexity and tradition. To help budding pianists defy this genre-based isolation is a new e-learning platform, musicAcademia. The service will provide an arsenal of tools designed to teach clients a level of proficiency in whatever music they find interesting. With this more customized focus, pianists will be treated to new sense of independence and engagement.

To achieve this liberating sentiment a variety of teaching mediums are employed. The primary format stems from the videos of founder Stefano Maffullo. On his youtube channel he features his live piano renditions of a variety of popular tracks including Imagine Dragons' Demons and Awolnation's Sail. The other, physical byproduct is Stefan's hand-transcribed scores, allowing the pupil to play the piece for himself. Additionally, musicAcademia will provide .mp3 and .midi files for each piece, ensuring the scores are compatible with any third party program.

The other primary resource will be musicAcademia's comprehensive articles. These guides will touch on concepts like playing by ear, reading a score, or simply learning the basics of playing the piano. With this variety of resources any user will be well on their way to enjoying creating the music they love. Sadly, there is one resource holding this movement back: funding. A project of this scope requires a good deal of capital to cover recording equipment, web design cost, and marketing. To remedy this issue musicAcademia has launched a crowdfunding campaign where patrons can receive anything from a thank you letter, to online piano lessons, to a lifetime musicAcademia subscription. With the support of readers anyone with an internet connection can have access to a massive, educational, and accommodating resource: musicAcademia.

About musicAcademia
MusicAcademia was conceived by Stefano Maffullo, an avid pianist and computer engineer. Born in Italy, the budding musician picked up the piano at the age of 8; unfortunately, he was discouraged by the limited classical scope of his repertoire a decade later. In 2014, Stefano picked the piano back up and began to transcribe scores he loved by ear for fun. This was the inspiration for musicAcademia, a platform he is currently developing when he is not writing his Master Thesis on cancer research.

To learn more or support musicAcademia visit the Kickstarter campaign page.