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Musician, Author, and Healer, Carl John Redefines the Soul's Search with Audiobook Launch

Now available on Audible, Amazon, and iTunes, musician, author, and soul healer, Carl John announces the release of a new audiobook/soundtrack that asks listeners to take “The Journey hOMe.”


Las Vegas, NV -- (ReleaseWire) -- 07/13/2017 --Taking his listeners from deprivation to enlightenment with descriptive verse in tow, a new author comes on the digital book scene. Using an audiobook/soundtrack tact, "The Journey hOMe" combines genres to give a melodic tone to a wild ride. One that hits the tenor of financial and emotional collapse at the hands of prostitution, debauchery, and the unhinging of one-time Las Vegas entrepreneur, Carl John Goldner. Now an intuitive that heals souls with sing-song lyrical prose and a mystical sense, the self-help book was written, composed, and performed entirely by Carl John. Healing wrapped in Americana, yoga, folk-music, intuitive healing, and transformation, the author gives an acoustic Satsang; intimately performing music and stories of self-discovery and lessons of faith. Of course, good country music enlivens stories such as being on the road with a gravely-voiced guide named Dumptruck when a spiritual awakening happened that changed his life forever.

Mindfully up to change lives, the author has embraced destruction to purposely discover the reason for existence. Having lived to tell with peace, love, and purpose, the work traces the steps of the seven-figure income real estate developer and restaurateur who began the greatest adventure of his life in Taos, New Mexico. There, immersed in the study of spiritual texts and astounded by the universal laws he was learning about, Carl John's journey delivered the biggest financial blow of his life. With higher wisdom, it cleared the way for him to truly test the universal laws he was learning about. Now, completely changed, his life continues to unfold via music, teaching, writing, composing, and performing to help, serve, and soothe searchers like himself.

Already creating a buzz in the publishing world, Kristine Carlson, co-author of the highly-recognizable "Don't Sweat The Small Stuff" said, "The combination of Carl John's descriptive narrative in his cowboy twang, and his soulful music to the story are heart opening."

In tune with the work, the author of The Fogarty-Tanaka Series among other books, Richard La Plante states, "In his first memoir, Carl John puts music on the page to tell his own story of love and loneliness, of rise, fall, and the journey to self-discovery, and courage. The courage to let everything that we 'think' matters go - and take a free-fall to honesty with only faith as a parachute." 

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About Carl John
Carl John is a soul healer, inspirational musician, and the author of the audiobook and soundtrack entitled, "The Journey hOMe." He is the winner of a Hollywood Music in Media Award for Best Folk-Acoustic Artist and was nominated for Best In A Series (won by The Walking Dead) for "Dark Side Of The Soul." The song was produced in collaboration with Grammy Award- winning sound shaman, Robert Mirabal. Carl John has performed at venues as such as The Hard Rock and The Venetian in Las Vegas and was a guest speaker at Breathe Life Healing Center in Hollywood, Ca.

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