Musician Nessyah Buder Awarded Bright!Tax Global Scholar Award


New York, NY -- (ReleaseWire) -- 07/30/2019 --Bright!Tax is delighted to announce that Nessyah Buder has been awarded the first Bright!Tax Global Scholar Award of 2019.

Nessyah is studying for a doctorate in musicology at the University of Melbourne in Australia. Nessyah previously completed her Masters degree in Ethnomusicology at the University of Miami, where she was also awarded the Presser Music Award to fund her research in Melbourne, Australia in 2012. She has also taught music in the public school system for 3 years.

Nessyah said: "My research on the history of the concert saxophone in Australia will bring to the foreground an entire genre of contemporary music that has heretofore largely been ignored. Being part of this artistic experience in another country is incredibly rewarding and enlightening. My outsider's perspective (as an American) has provided me with a unique vantage point from which to explore the cultural and aesthetic value of this body of music. I'm hugely grateful to Bright!Tax for supporting my research."

Nessyah is the seventh recipient of the Bright!Tax Global Scholar Award, which is awarded biannually to exceptional young Americans who wish to study abroad.

It provides supplementary tuition support to enable talented and global minded Americans to pursue their careers and dreams beyond US borders.

Bright!Tax is a leading provider of tax services to the 9 million Americans living abroad. Bright!Tax believes Americans who venture abroad are both the new pioneers, exploring and thriving beyond the frontiers, and also an army of unofficial US ambassadors around the world. In short, expats are extraordinary individuals who lead extraordinary lives.

Bright!Tax CEO Greg Dewald founded the Bright!Tax Global Scholar Award inspired by an opportunity he had as a young man to study abroad which opened his eyes to the myriad opportunities and experiences available overseas, and the way that living abroad broadens our horizons. The Global Scholar Award helps young Americans to have this experience too.

Dewald says: "Bright!Tax has experienced incredible growth over the last few years serving the American expat community in over 190 different countries. We established the Global Scholar Award to help a new generation of young Americans to have the same experience to study overseas that I had many years ago. Nessyah is an exceptionally bright young American embarking on an exciting new chapter of her studies. She has a bright future ahead of her, and with our support I'm sure she'll achieve great success."

With clients in over 190 countries worldwide, Bright!Tax is an award-winning leading provider of US tax services to the estimated 9 million Americans living overseas.