N1CE Frozen Cocktails Launches Revenue Sharing Micro-Investment Campaign

With a multitude of music festivals just around the corner and retail sales coming on strong, N1CE is excited to supply the portable frozen cocktails needed to have a blast, and plans to let investors in on the lucrative profits.


Brooklyn, NY -- (ReleaseWire) -- 10/03/2016 --The business of alcohol is valued globally at more than 1.2 trillion dollars, and this is only expected to grow.(1) With this much opportunity, it is easy to see why any innovation or improvement on traditional drinking is incredibly valuable. N1CE has done just that by launching an unheard of product design: a popsicle-like frozen cocktail with five percent alcohol content, neatly contained in disposable paper cone packaging with a peel-off lid. This convenience comes without any sacrifice of taste or intensity, and the product has already seen phenomenal public reception and five percent alcohol content.

N1CE has opened its doors to supporters on Wefunder with an innovative Revenue Sharing Agreement that allows investors to double their money. Minimum investments start at just one hundred dollars. Adding to its opportunity, N1CE was founded by DJ Sebastian Ingrosso, and is partnered with DJ's "Alesso" Lindblad and Axel Hedfors (Axwell), allowing N1CE easy entry to the music festival market.

N1CE is perfect for music festivals, retail sales, convenience stores, hotels, restaurants, bars and clubs. It it convenient and tastes great, and it allows people to enjoy mixed cocktail type drinks wherever they are, whenever they like, which takes the product out of the former, limited venues of bars with skilled bartenders. With totally disposable packaging, N1CE avoids cocktail glasses which are simply impractical for most settings away from a bar. In turn a N1CE frozen cocktail is 'durable' enough to survive the ruckus of an energetic music festival, poolside, at the beach, street vendor sales, at parties or at home with friends. The potency of N1CE is inherently apparent containing five percent alcohol along with carefully designed recipes by one of the world's leading celebrity bartenders. As for taste, N1CE cocktails currently come in four flavors: Mojito, Pina Colada, Strawberry Daiquiri, and Margarita, and more flavors are on the way, including a series of upcoming privately branded labels for major retail store chains. With this variety there is surely a taste for anyone interested, whether that be the flamboyant, Daiquiri-drinking party girl or the cool and collected Mojito drinker.

What's more is how safe an investment into N1CE really is. N1CE Frozen Cocktails are already beyond established, even for such a young company. They launched in 2015 with test markets in Sweden and have massively expanded ever since, selling now in nine countries. By the end of 2017, they hope to be in twenty countries. Unlike other crowdfunding campaigns, N1CE is already in production (in fact, they have contracts now with four production facilities and have a production capacity of over 120 million units per year). The company has an impeccable sales record, selling around 1.25 million units in the second quarter of 2016 and is growing rapidly. Investors can rest assured knowing their money is being wisely used. As a side benefit, higher level investors can qualify for a variety of perks. These rewards range from a official N1CE swag bag to an appearance on stage in Ibiza with Ingrosso.

About N1CE
N1CE was created as the brainchild of revered bartender Jimmy Dymott and acclaimed EDM artist Sebastian Ingrosso. The duo paired their passions and brought an astounding drink to the music festival scene, a win-win for music producers and festival attendees. With the support of readers N1CE aims to bring their cocktails around the world, reaching more than just their nine currently serviced countries and is rapidly expanding into retail store distribution.

For more information or to invest in N1CE visit the Wefunder campaign page.