Naked Beauty Review - Does Joey Atlas Know the Truth About Cellulite?

Does Joey Atlas' Naked Beauty work or is it a scam? With all of the scams online these days, you might have some reservations. In this Naked Beauty review we cover all of the need to knows as well as the good and bad points.


Medford, OR -- (ReleaseWire) -- 05/21/2013 --There have been many products in stores that have claimed to help women eliminate cellulite. Almost all women - about 80% - eventually succumb to this problem. One of the most popular ways of eliminating unwanted cellulite is with the use of Naked Beauty formulated by no other than Joey Atlas

Like most products these days, Naked Beauty is available online. And if you happen to look it up, you would see that 90% of the time, reviews would state that this is THE product that will answer your problems - in a natural way. Unfortunately, you should not believe everything that you hear, well, in this case, read.

The fact of the matter is, it can be difficult to rely on reviews online because some of these are made by people who did not even buy the product or did research on it. This review will help you to determine if Naked Beauty is the product for you. If you need more information about the Naked Beauty Method you can also checkout

Thoughts on the Naked Beauty Program

Before we go into an in depth discussion on the advantages and disadvantages of this product, let us first grasp the concept of what the Naked Beauty program does and how it helps to eliminate cellulite.

As mentioned earlier, Joey Atlas, who is a professional trainer, developed the program. The program basically covers a complete step-by-step course that involves numerous forms of exercise. These exercises were designed to help women burn calories and eliminate cellulite even when they are at home.

For exercise enthusiasts, this approach may be a little different from your usual routine. Note that it is far different from other cellulite eliminating programs as well. The difference lies in the fact that this program gives emphasis on toning the muscles of that body that are not commonly "worked out" hence, they are weaker. By doing this, these muscles help to support the subcutaneous fat and tissue in the area and allow better movement in circulation in the area, eventually resulting to the elimination of cellulite.

What you must understand is that cellulite comes from poor circulation and lack of tone in a particular area of the body. If these areas are not "challenged" or worked out, accumulation of cellulite happens. The claim of the program is that it can help you eliminate cellulite in under a month! Well, that is a really attractive offer but keep in mind that you still have to do the work here.

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Now that we have tackled the concept behind Naked Beauty, let us now go into the pros and cons of this program.

The advantages and disadvantages of the Naked Beauty program


First, a professional that has been an expert in his field for over 25 years formulated the program. Joey Atlas has been working in the industry of body sculpting and fitness for a long time; hence, he has a lot of experience in the field. He even has a degree in Exercise Physiology, which aids him in understanding the human body and how it can work to its maximum potential.

Secondly, this program provides a comprehensive look on how to eliminate cellulite effectively. Will power is one of the tools that you need when you get started on the program. In order to get into this mindset, you need to have full comprehension of what you are doing and not like some zombie who just follows videos that you see on your screen. The package contains several reading materials that would help to supplement the DVD that contains the actual program.

In addition to this, the program is also very affordable in comparison to local gym memberships and it has a 100% money back guarantee.

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As the title explicitly states, it is an anti cellulite program so it will not help you lose weight. So if this is another goal that you wish to achieve, you will have to add another workout to your program.

Secondly, since there is a lack of background music in the videos, you might feel a little bored after a couple of sessions.

Lastly, the product is only available online. So far, we have yet to hear of local sports and fitness establishments that carry the program.

So in summary, if you are wondering if you should buy the product or not, think about it well. The Naked Beauty program is an effective way to eliminate cellulite, but you really have to commit yourself to get things done.

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