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NameExperts Can Make Buying Premium Domains an Easy and Effortless Job

NameExperts is a domain name expert offering to identify and buy premium domain names for clients


Owings Mills, MD -- (ReleaseWire) -- 06/26/2018 --NameExperts is a professional domain name broker offering expertise helping people buy and sell premium domains. They also evaluate domain names and advise the buyer and seller about its true worth.

"Navigating the world of domain names is not easy for an outsider with no experience or expertise in the area. For example, it's not easy to get in touch with original domain owners. When finally, someone does manage to contact them, they quote an inflated price – more than what the buyer could afford and sometimes more than its actually worth. These sellers can smell an eager buyer from a mile away and will push for outrageous prices at times. It can often take an expert and a lot of negotiating to get them to agree to a better price," says a spokesperson.

Domain experts quote statistics and facts to sellers to convince them that they could end up losing money for holding out and demanding a higher price. "But we make sure that buyers aren't taken for a ride. This is because we offer both, buy side and sell-side brokerage. The buyer could well be our client tomorrow looking to sell some of his premium domains," he adds.

NameExperts also helps sellers find the right buyer and the right price for their domain name. They help the client evaluate the domain's value, market the domain name, and even negotiate with the buyer. They also help with the transfer of the doamins.

NameExperts assists clients with finding a domain name within their budget. "Generally, the golden rule about premium domains is that their value depends on the buyer's willingness to pay for the website. For example, some domain names may appear simple, but they could be the name of the buyer's business or an abbreviation. Sometimes, it could be their brand name and we help find the perfects fits at the right price," adds the spokesperson.

About Name Experts
Name Experts is managed by Joe Uddeme, a domain name expert specializing in buy side and sell side brokerage. He has brokered over $64,000,000 worth of domain names.

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