NAP-RITE Revolutionizes Comfort While Traveling in Economy


Los Angeles, CA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 04/13/2017 --We've all witnessed a funny scene or two when flying the friendly—or not so friendly—skies. Your neighbor is nodding off with gyrating head movements while someone else is fighting over the armrest. Regardless of whether you have been that passenger unintentionally resting your head on your seat mate's shoulder or have the unrelenting desire to sleep while jet setting to your destination—your solution is now here.

NAP-RITE™ is the new must have travel product that provides targeted comfort to multiple areas of the body—the neck, the head and the arms. Did you know that the International Air Transport Association reported 3.6 billion travelers in 2016 and demand is expected to continue? Not to mention that over 80% of travelers book their flight in economy. That's a ton of economy seats and many of them in the dreaded middle. Now add to this an Expedia Airplane Etiquette Study which reported that "48% of Americans generally cannot sleep on airplanes." That's a lot of cranky passengers upon arrival and not so sure that the great deals in the duty-free magazine can make up for that!

For those of us flying in the back of the bus, NAP-RITE's™ key features are bound to make your flight more pleasant. These core benefits decisively set NAP-RITE™ apart from the hundreds of neck pillows currently available. Firstly, it includes an adjustable face pillow which cradles your head and prevents nodding. Secondly, it provides a pouch that cuddles your arms which allows you to cozily 'hug' yourself—as everyone knows it gets cold up there. Thirdly, it contains a front pocket which provides a convenient place to house your phone and it includes a small opening to route wired headphones.

The unique and innovative design quickly and easily attaches to your seat and supports your body without obstructing in-flight entertainment systems. Adjustable clips allow for height variances and easy disengagement in case of an emergency. "I was first inspired to create NAP-RITE™ over eight years ago when I witnessed my then 6-year old son trying to take a comfortable nap unsuccessfully. Additionally, as a frequent traveler for both business and pleasure, I often struggled in trying to get comfortable without disturbing nearby passengers. I absolutely knew there had to be a better alternative than just a neck pillow," says Lorena Aviles-Galberth, NAP-RITE's™ inventor.

NAP-RITE™ has officially launched April 2nd, 2017! To help bring NAP-RITE™ to market, the product's creators have launched a Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign to raise the necessary funds to begin large scale production. Now catching some shut eye in that middle seat in economy on that redeye from LAX to JFK doesn't seem so lofty. Happy napping at 30,000 feet!