Naseba Reports 36% Increase in Demand for Facilitation Services Across MENA Business Community

From startup to corporate, more businesses across the MENA region are turning to facilitation services to reduce opportunity costs.


Dubai, UAE -- (ReleaseWire) -- 03/16/2018 --The number of business from across the MENA region seeking facilitation services and guidance as they raise capital, recruit new talent, commercialise their products and services, build networks and mentor team members, has increased by 36% according to the latest figures calculated by facilitation specialist Naseba at

The facilitation approach has gained momentum in recent years as global and regional business communities look to build strength and reach in key markets and demographics.

Essential milestones in the business lifecycle, such as sourcing and meeting investors, raising capital, generating growth revenue, training team members and gaining presence in new markets and market sectors, incur a series of direct and in-direct opportunity costs. Being able to reduce these into a combined shared risk flat-rate and success based investment provides an attractive proposition to businesses of all sizes, both in terms of costs and efficiency.

Sophie Le Ray, Naseba's CEO said: "All businesses want to keep costs under control and knowing what an investment is likely to achieve for you is part of that process. Businesses also want to thrive – reach new people, drive new ideas and find new partners – however, the financial burden of these activities often places undue pressure on their results and distracts maximising those new opportunities.

"At Naseba, we have worked with the region's leading businesses, entrepreneurs, organisations and startups and we fully understand how a trusted partner can deliver these crucial opportunities, while consolidating the overall financial commitment from the business."

Established in 2002, Naseba works as a partner to each individual business that participates in its platforms, providing the resources required to achieve their next set of targets.

This can include sourcing qualified leads for commercial deals, raising capital, exposure to new territories and markets, sharing business intelligence, screening potential business partners and hosting educational meetings for the workforce on essential developments.

With focus on key growth areas and emerging markets, Naseba provides services that are available at any point throughout the year, with targeted platforms in areas such as fintech, cybersecurity, enterprise technology, human capital, private equity, venture capital, blockchain and women economics.

In 2017, Naseba facilitated the region's first Series A enterprise blockchain capital raise and is recently conducted its 2nd blockchain introduction deal.

Across three divisions – investor, commercial and leadership services – Naseba supports businesses to address and adapt to the challenges of a constantly shifting modern global economy.

Nicholas Watson, Managing Director at Naseba added: "Naseba has built a network that thrives on trust, not transaction. We know our investors and enterprise buyers and we tailor our services to their needs. As well as allowing us to focus on the individual, this approach helps us to understand macro investor/buyer trends and it is this combination of macro with micro insight which drives our services, ensures we deliver value and secures the best opportunities."

Investor service formats include meetings, roadshows and summits, in addition to the chance for visa-free travel to more than 160 countries.

Across its commercial services, Naseba delivers market access workshops and industry summits with professional training incorporated through the leadership services.

A leader in its chosen fields, Naseba as a facilitator also works to promote the untapped economic potential held by women around the world. Founder of the Global WIL Series, Naseba is also a signatory of the Women's Empowerment Principles – Equality Means Business, produced and disseminated by the United Nations Entity for Gender Equality and the Empowerment of Women (UN Women) and the United Nations Global Compact.

Le Ray concluded: "We attribute our growth to being commercially tenacious. Since our inception, our services have evolved based on where we saw market opportunities and we bring this same tenacity to our clients to help them achieve their business goals. We don't just work with our partners in the markets they know; we deliver opportunities from around the world, often in growth markets with untold potential."