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Nashville Self-Storage Bin It Launches Free Pick Up and Delivery Service

The Nashville Self-Storage company provides an easy way for customers to store their items. They offer a free pick up and delivery service where charges start from just $50 for 15 bins for two weeks.


Nashville, TN -- (ReleaseWire) -- 03/09/2016 --A Nashville Self-Storage company has today announced they are changing the way people store items by offering a free pick-up and delivery service. Bin It, wanted to introduce a way that would make storing personal items available for all.

The free pick-up and delivery service in Nashville allows those people who live in an isolated area or do not have a vehicle, to be able to store items at a self-storage depot to de-clutter their home. The service starts from $50 for 15 bins for two weeks. Those who require a longer storage service will be charged at $0.50 per bin per week, making it one of the most affordable self-storage services in the USA.

As well as removing the cost of driving to and from the Nashville Self-Storage unit when the customer needs all the items or just some of the items, Bin It also helps to reduce the stress of de-cluttering a home. The self-storage pick-up and delivery service have been described as a huge advancement in the way people store items and has received 5 star Yelp reviews.

The Nashville Self-Storage pick-up and delivery service is an easy to use service. The customer contacts Bin ( and gives them the details of what they want to store. A customer service team member will then arrange for a date and time for the pick-up to take place. When the customer requires all or some of their items back, they contact the customer service team who will make all the arrangements.

A spokesman for Bin It said: "We wanted to introduce a service that would make storing items available to all. By offering a free pick-up and delivery service, it removes the stress and the cost of storing items."

Bin It has introduced a new app that makes it even easier when someone wants to have some of their items returned. By taking all the pictures of what they are storing, they can simply click on the image and that item or items will be delivered back to the home.

To learn more about the service, please contact 888-552-4648 or visit

About Bin It
Bin It is a unique bin and moving box service that offers two unique, but highly compatible, services to the New York City, Philadelphia, and Nashville areas. With Bin It, the customer orders temporary bins and they are delivered in a convenient stack to the home. The moving boxes from Bin It are made out of sturdy, durable plastic that can store all of your things, from clothes and shoes to toys, makeup, kitchen appliances, dinnerware, and everything in between. When you move into your new space and unpack, Bin It will pick up all the empty bins from the customers home, so they are box and clutter free.

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