National Expert on Dynamic Failure Seeks Crowdfund Support for Revolutionary Personal Protection Product

National expert on dynamic failure, Dr. L. Roy Xu has launched a crowdfunding campaign at Indiegogo in support of his revolutionary personal protection product Carry-On ShieldTM. that would protect the civilians from knives, bullets or any sharp objects during terror attacks, violent incidents or natural calamities like earthquakes.


El Paso, TX -- (ReleaseWire) -- 09/26/2016 --National expert on dynamic failure, Dr. L. Roy Xu has recently launched a crowdfunding campaign at Indiegogo seeking support for his pioneering personal protection product Carry-On ShieldTM. In recent 20 years, Dr. Xu works on cutting-edge research of advanced materials and structures funded by US National Science Foundation (NSF) and Department of Defense as the principal investigator/engineering professor. Under the support from NSF's Innovation Corps program, the breakthrough shield is developed in Texas, and this stabproof/bulletproof product is designed to safeguard civilians from knives, bullets or any sharp objects during terror attacks or violent incidents.

The crowdfunding campaign is geared to raise around $80,000 within the next 20 days.

"With the terror attacks and gun violence grabbing the headlines almost every week inside and outside US, there is the urgent need to secure protection of innocent civilians during such violent outbursts. After Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting incident in 2012, akin to most of the parents, I too was deeply concerned regarding the safety of my children in schools. Fortunately, last year, NSF funded my project (I-Corps: Hybrid Material Carry-On Shields for Civilians), which helped me to come up with my revolutionary personal protection product. This shield will protect you against stabbing, shooting, explosion during terror attacks and would even assure you security against natural calamities like hurricane and earthquakes. However, the product cost is high and hence I have launched this crowdfunding campaign to help us gather the R&D funding to lower the production costs using latest state of the art designs . Your generous support would be much appreciated", stated Dr. Xu, who is a national expert on dynamic failure for Army armored vehicles and Navy battleships.

"The carry-on shield can be used for protection in various ways-
- It will protect your back while you are running away from bullets during campus or workplace shooting
- As a simple helmet to protect yourself during earthquakes or shooting.
- As a protection for chest for your self-defense, when somebody enters your home with weapon
- As a conventional shield to fight if you were not able to run away
- Your backpack will become a bulletproof/stabproof backpack if you have a carry-on shield inside. If any nail bomb exploded behind you, and your backpack would stop sharp and fast nails in Boston Marathon bombing in 2013, and Brussels airport bombing in 2016."

The product has been extensively tested and it complies with two US National Institute of Justice (NIJ) standards: 1) ballistic protection level II (0.357 magnum), 2) stab protection level I edged blade (knife). The product is light and compact, and the weight of CS-2 model is around 2 lb. (1 kg), so students in or above middle schools could carry easily, and families could carry during travel. This shield can pass all airport security checks inside and outside US.

"Civilians' needs to personal protection products change dramatically in these years. In June 2015, I went to Western Europe to conduct customer interviews for my NSF project. In Paris, my French professor friend told me his frank opinion: people in Paris felt very safe although they had one terror attack in January 2015, so your invention might not have a good market in France. He told me your American people really need more protection because you have deadly gun shooting almost every week. However, a large scale terror attack occurred in Paris in November 2015. Now I wish people in Paris would understand some protection is better than nothing". Stated Dr. Xu. Now the new product users are in 12 countries of Africa, Asia (including Middle East), Europe, and North America.

"As an engineering researcher, I spent most of my time to deal with materials and matter, not people. Now I decide to launch this campaign, partially motivated by UCLA campus shooting on June 1, 2016. I gave a research seminar in Boelter Hall in 2013, and knew the engineering professor victim when we were Ph.D. students at the California Institute of Technology. From TV, I saw so many desperate UCLA students locked inside labs and classrooms, and felt very sad to see my Caltech alumnus' photos in all kinds of media. I don't know which professor or which student would become next victim. So I decide to face any challenge to launch this crowdfunding campaign for reducing product costs, such that millions of civilians worldwide can use our products." Dr. Xu said. "However, a rocket scientist like me has to act like a salesman for this campaign, so 10 days passed and the outcome is disappointed to me, especially I don't use social media by myself. I wish traditional media would extensively report and promote our critical product for civilians to withstand any violence and terrorism." Dr. Xu said.

A good host of perks are waiting for the backers. These include 1 model CS-1 and discount offers on one or multiple model CS-2. Discounts would range from 40-48% off the current retail price.

Visit the Indiegogo campaign site.