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National IT Services Santa Fe Directory's Video Takes on the Basic Aspects of Personal Computers

IT Services Santa Fe new video covers the basic terminology about operating systems features for customers and the general public.


Santa Fe, NM -- (ReleaseWire) -- 11/18/2015 --IT Services Santa Fe, a New Mexico-based company, has published a new video on their website entitled: Learn computer basics tutorial for beginners. This video is part one, of a series of online material that National IT Services Directory will post to enlighten the general public on basic technology knowledge.

Interested individuals can watch the tutorial at, no registration or payment required to access the material.

In this video IT Services Santa Fe, offers elemental information about the basic components of a personal computer (PC), along with some terminology necessary for understanding the principles of the way computers work.

Part one of Learn computer basics tutorial for beginners also provides some information about the many types of programs that can be found for a personal computer in today's market, such as Worksheets, Web Browsers, Image processors, email clients and more, accompanied with a brief description of each one and a simple yet solid explanation of the way they operate.

The IT Services Santa Fe video goes in depth to explain the basics of personal computer operation, covering the operating systems definitions and exemplifies some of the many options in the market other than Microsoft Windows, continuing with a detailed description of Windows main features.

In general, the video offers quite a lot of information regarding computers and how they work, content that can be resourceful and advantageous for anyone given how computers have found their way into every office, depot, or any work-related environment, becoming the main tool nowadays.

On the topic, the declarations of IT Services Santa Fe where "National IT Services Directory is looking forward to contributing to the formation of customers in everything related to products and services. The market for National IT Services Directory is computer services, and the education of customers is part of this labor, how to use a personal computer, how it works and how to maintain it.

"The perk of this video is the simplicity in which the topics are addressed. Other sources in the web present this kind of content in a complex way that requires some basic technical knowledge to understand, it is worthy of recognition that IT Services Santa Fe has prepared this material so that it's easy to understand and to relate to the daily interactions with a personal computer." With these declarations, the online customer community of IT Services Santa Fe can be thrilled in expectancy of the company's next production.

National IT Services Directory hopes to keep producing more videos in this order of ideas, to provide customer and visitors a learning platform where they can learn about the company's services and gather useful information on personal computers, how they work and how to use them properly.