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National Nonprofit Raising Awareness of Most Aggressive Form of Breast Cancer on March 3


New York, NY -- (ReleaseWire) -- 02/26/2018 --On March 3, Triple Negative Awareness Day, SHARE Cancer Support, a national breast and ovarian cancer support nonprofit, is raising awareness about triple negative breast cancer to help the public understand the risks and severity of developing the disease and to encourage advocacy efforts for better treatments.

Here are some key statistics about triple negative breast cancer (TNBC):

1. Triple negative breast cancer accounts for 10-20% of all breast cancers.

2. It affects more vulnerable populations, like younger women and women of color. Triple negative breast cancer is more likely to occur in women before age 40 or 50. African-American women are 3 times more likely to develop triple-negative disease than white women.

3. It is more aggressive. Triple-negative is more likely to spread (become metastatic, or stage IV; metastatic breast cancer is progressive and incurable). It is also more likely to recur after successful treatment. Survival rates over 5 years also tend to be lower.

4. Most modern treatments are not applicable. Breast cancers that are ER/PR+ or HER2+ can be treated with less toxic hormonal therapies and targeted therapies. "Triple negative" breast cancer is ER-, PR-, and HER2-, meaning that its only treatment option is chemotherapy, widely known to be extremely harsh on the body.

"Hearing a diagnosis of any type of cancer is terrifying. A diagnosis of triple negative cancer is particularly scary because there are few treatment options," says Christine Benjamin, Breast Cancer Program Director at SHARE Cancer Support. Benjamin was diagnosed with triple negative disease but successfully completed treatment years ago.

To raise awareness of triple negative disease on March 3, SHARE will be highlighting information about the latest treatment options, opportunities for support, and using the tool Thunderclap to highlight a statement calling for more triple negative treatment options across social media.

To participate in the Thunderclap, users of social media can visit

"SHARE has always been focused on supporting and elevating patients and patient voice, so on Triple Negative Awareness Day we want to amplify the voices of women who need increased treatment options," says Jackie Reinhard, Executive Director of SHARE.

SHARE regularly hosts programs providing information about triple negative disease and features stories from women with this diagnosis about how they cope.

Find more information about TNBC here:

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