Natural Dynamic Systems Seeks Equity Crowdfunding to Develop Next-Generation Virtual Reality Tech


Palmdale, CA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 07/27/2018 --When Facebook acquired Oculus VR for $2.3 billion back in 2014. Kickstarter backers – who were among the first Oculus customers – were absolutely furious. After all, the crowdfunding backers made it possible to Oculus to generate $2.4 million in sales which drew the attention of Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg. A good number of backers, right or wrong, felt cheated, left out or otherwise exploited in helping the Oculus VR pocket billions of dollars as customers were left were nothing more than the product they purchased; a VR headset.

History is not repeating itself this time. That's because Natural Dynamic Systems founder Nathan Schreibfeder is empowering everyone to get a piece of the action at the ground floor with a very different kind of crowdfunding than Kickstarter. Equity crowdfunding.

Unlike reward crowdfunding (think Kicstarter, Indiegogo, etc.) where crowdfunding backers fund a campaign for gizmos, gadgets, films, swag or doo-dads, participants in an equity crowdfunding campaign are motivated by profit, not perks. The vision of Natural Dynamic Systems could very well set new standards when it comes to virtual reality.

With Natural Dynamic Systems, interaction with the VR experience is not through a controller or a pair of a goggles. In fact, the user enters a system (called a pod) and gets inside and lives the world they're experiencing. Through total immersion of the user's five senses, NDS believes that a totally immersive virtual reality experience is the way forward.

By the nature of its design, Natural Dynamic Systems eliminates the faults and limitations that are currently being used. For example, during in-flight training, NDS designers believe that current motion platforms do not accurately represent what users will find in real-life G-Forces. Training should be as realistic as possible, and with the current methods of simulation, these mistakes and inaccuracies need to be remedied to avoid potentially huge in-practice problems.

Applying the same principles to game design, the next generation gaming console will be relegated to the Neanderthals if the technology envisioned by Natural Dynamics Systems becomes a reality.

The initial investment is surprisingly low allowing everyone access to what could be the next big thing in virtual reality.

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