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Natural Probiotic Selection Announces Launch of Its YogurtApp

YogurtApp offers a step-by-step tutorial guide to making authentic Yogurt and Kefir at home.


London, UK -- (ReleaseWire) -- 07/11/2017 --While yogurt and kefir have been existing for centuries and are among the healthiest of foods handed down by the older generations, they are also a part of traditional cultures. Today, more information is being published about the nutritional benefits of making yogurt at home, such as boosting the immune system and restoring the intestinal flora in the digestive tract as opposed to the ones bought from the stores. This reason is now making many more people wanting to try to make these probiotics at home, but unfortunately, finding a guide, especially one that is mobile to teach the process can prove abortive for so many individuals.

With a burning desire to dispel these concerns, Natural Probiotic Selection carefully designed and developed the YogurtApp. The free mobile application which was developed in London offers a step-by-step tutorial guide to making authentic Yogurt and Kefir at home, and it is available for download for free on App Store and Google Play.

"We all know that yogurt has tremendous health benefits; it adds good bacteria back into your digestive system, explained Natural Probiotic Selection team. However, many of us might not know there is something even healthier than yogurt, which is kefir. It is a fermented milk drink, similar to yogurt, and comes to us from the Caucasus Mountains. It has deep traditional roots in cultures going back thousands of years."

Natural Probiotic Selection is renowned for providing top notch information about Yogurt and Kefir Starters for homemade prep. From history, health information breakdown, benefits, to ways of making Yogurt and Kefir Starters at home, the one-stop site offers it all. Currently, besides the development of the YogurtApp, Natural Probiotic Selection has a discussion forum and all the software tools one would need to make yogurt and Kefir at home.

Natural Probiotic Selection a team concluded, "If you have been on antibiotics, kefir and yogurt are very good for restoring the intestinal flora. You can eat/drink it daily to get all the beneficial effects. Add yogurt or kefir to your routine for a balance of the ''good''bacteria, and both probiotics can be mixed into your smoothies. Probiotics offer a safe way to clean up excess cholesterol without the side effects of cholesterol-lowering drugs, which, like many strong medicines, may be indiscriminate in targeting the root problem, much like a tactical nuclear missile which wipes out the problem but also results in a lot of collateral damage."

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