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Navigating Children from Single-Parenting to Blended Families

A heartwarming book to help single-mothers maneuver through all of the initial questions, guilt, and fears that a changing family dynamics present.


Woburn, MA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 11/19/2020 --Changing the family structure from single-parenting to a blended family is in no way an easy task. Single mothers find dating and introducing children to "someone new" incredibly challenging as new emotions, questions, and insecurities invade the family nucleus and affect both the mother and her children.

As a single-mother for nearly a decade, Karyn Glemaud wants to inspire those once like herself who take on the challenge of dating as a single mom and want to start the difficult introductions of their new significant other with their children, ultimately assisting with the arduous navigation of the new family dynamics.

In her new book Mommy's New Friend, co-authored with her son Mali Glemaud, Karyn and Mali show children that their relationship will not change even with a new parent and prove that it is possible to find love again while creating a happy and healthy family environment.

Mommy's New Friend portrays the challenging emotions of Maxx, a school-aged boy, whose bond with his single-mother is threatened by her recent relationship with a "new friend." Journey with Maxx as he explores his changing family life and follow his evolution from feeling defiant and fearful to feeling optimistic and hopeful.

"This is EXACTLY what I've been looking for! I am a teacher at an urban school, and I too often witness my students going through moments with a new "stranger" in his/her own little intimate circles. I bought 20 copies to donate for my school's book fair!" - Book Reviewer

About Karyn Glemaud
Karyn Glemaud is a proud Haitian-American, born and raised in Boston, MA. Her life has always encompassed a diversity of culture, art, music, and education. As a single-mother for nearly a decade, Karyn always made a point to live out all the possibilities of knowledge and adventure, beyond societal limitations. During the years of raising her son alone, she accomplished her Bachelor's Degree while working full-time. Every year, she would take trips together with her son, Mali, to explore new places and has even gone as far as living in northern New Zealand and Paris, France for a period of time.

It was during their precious time together, living across several organic farms in New Zealand, that she co-wrote her first children's book with her son called Mommy's New Friend. Without knowing it, they were writing their own future into fruition. Nearly a year later, Karyn would introduce Mali to her "new friend" who has since become her loving husband. Today, Karyn lives with her blended family of seven just outside the city of Boston.

About Mali Glemaud
Mali Glemaud is a young Haitian-American who spent most of his childhood in Watertown, MA. He enjoys video games, making music, and track & field. As a member of the Kingian Non-Violence program, he helps inspire youth by creatively spreading the messages of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. through music, art, and social media. Mali has had the unique experience of living and going to school in New Zealand and Pari while also traveling to many places with his mother. He is currently working towards a professional career in medicine and research where he hopes to aid the representation of diversity and inclusion in those scientific fields. He currently lives in a blended home with his 3 brothers, step-grandma, step-dad, and mom.