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Naxos Vacation Suites Offers First Solar Powered Vacation Home in Naxos, Greece and Asks "Is 2015 the Year of Green Travel?"

The concept of a solar-powered vacation home in Naxos, Greece is born with the launch of an Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign.


Naxos Island, Greece -- (ReleaseWire) -- 01/09/2015 --While many people practice sustainable living at home, for travellers, there is an unfortunate disconnection between eco-friendly living in day-to-day life and the non eco-friendly travel plans they partake in. Many hotels, resorts, and villas harm the environment, consume too much power, produce too much waste, and lower the local living standards. It's time to make a change. This was part of the inspiration for the innovative idea of creating the first ever solar powered vacation home in Naxos Greece.

The Naxos vacation home is the first sustainable "green powered" vacation home and was designed to encourage travelers to live green regardless of their location. The creators wanted to create an innovative vacation experience that combines authenticity and affordability while remaining safe for the environment. They do not want travellers to feel they are losing out on other amenities while staying in the Naxos vacation home, in fact - it's quite the opposite.

About Naxos Vacation Home
Not quite a resort, and not quite a spa - the Naxos vacation home boasts several suites that all offer authenticity, green living standards, and endless enjoyment. Visitors are welcome to pick their own fruits to go along with a complimentary breakfast, take a short walk to the nearby beach, and enjoy a bustling night in the Naxos Old Town. The vacation home has been kept within the same Greek family for generations. The family is well-known for their passionate cooking using local and homegrown ingredients. They hope that by converting their vacation home to solar power, they will encourage other hotels and vacation properties to follow suit.

This local Greek family hopes to make the idea of their solar-powered Naxos vacation home a reality to the public. In order to help offset some of the cost associated with further developing the vacation home and installing the solar panels, the family has launched an Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign. The campaign is entitled "The 1st Solar-Powered Vacation Suites in Naxos" and officially launched on December 21 2014. They are planning to meet their goal of €90,000 by February 19 2015. Their in-depth campaign offers several rewards for contributors including the chance to win a stay at the vacation home and be featured on the official contributors list. Any donation over €250 is entitled for a retreat in Naxos with breakfast and Wi-Fi included.

Find out more information about the "The 1st Solar-Powered Vacation Suites in Naxos" by visiting the campaign page directly here at

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