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NBC Star Signs on to Sexy, Action Thriller, Scramble

LA REELS signs Damien Puckler to star in upcoming feature film, Scramble


Douglas, MA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 08/05/2014 --Hollywood-based production company LA REELS announced today that it has signed multitalented actor and skilled stunt performer, Damien Puckler to star in its first feature film, Scramble. Mr. Puckler will play one of the male leads, Harry, a vicious killer on a quest for revenge. Most recently, Mr. Puckler has appeared as a recurring guest star (Meisner) on the popular NBC fantasy drama, Grimm. He can also be seen in a starring role in the recently released Death Factory (2 nd Nature Films). Damien Puckler (SAG-AFTRA/ British Equity) is represented by Bjoern Puckler, Puckler Media and Consult, Kronberg, Germany.

LA REELS’ Scramble project has been building momentum and attracting top notch industry attention for several months. In June, LA REELS announced that internationally renown filmmaker Randal Kleiser had signed on to produce the film. Scramble is slated to go into production in late August, 2014.

The LA REELS and Scramble Team Scramble, a sexy, action-thriller written by Amanda Glassman, has been in development for nearly a year. The film is being crowd-funded through a campaign recently launched on Indiegogo ( LA REELS is well-positioned for a successful crowd-funding effort with a social media network of over 10,000 spread across multiple platforms combined with an established, integrated web presence on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and other sites linking with the company’s main web page.

Scramble will be directed by LA REELS founder Noah Edward with additional producing support from Brett Newton. In just 18 months, LA REELS has established itself as an industry leader in custom produced scenes and reels for new and established actors. The company has produced more than three hours of original content, including short films, commercials, demos, reels, and a web series.

Besides Edward and Newton, the red hot LA REELS/Scramble team includes Clint Riffo who will be Director of Photography and Tada Yoshida as Director of Sound www.lareels.comDesign, including original music composition. Altogether, the team has more than 40 years experience in filmmaking and commercial production and has produced a steady stream of original content in the last 18 months. And, the team has hung together since LA REELS’ founding, growing as both artists and technicians. This consistency provides strength to both the company and the project and is unusual in an industry renown for volatility. With the company thriving artistically and financially, the team decided now was the time to produce its first feature film.

QuotesMr. Edward, speaking for LA REELS, announced signing Mr. Puckler to the project, saying, “This is a very exciting day for LA REELS and Scramble. Damien Puckler is not only a great friend, but he brings incredible talent to this project as both an actor and skilled stunt performer. And, we intend to take full advantage of both his well hone skills!”

Commenting on his commitment to Scramble, Mr. Puckler said, “Noah, Brett, and the LA REELS team are exciting young filmmakers and Scramble is a fun, dynamic project. I’m looking forward to getting on set.”

Background on Scramble
Scramble is a sexy action-thriller, the story of Ruffians, Revenge and Romance: Join the fight for love. When the gorgeous and sophisticated Quinn is forced into an upscale prostitution ring, her loser boyfriend Frank strikes a deal with a billionaire junkie to pay off the city’s pimp daddy, Dom Fertelli, to set her free. As Frank races to get the cash to free Quinn, a revenge-driven pair of vicious killers, V and Harry (Damien Puckler), blow into town killing off the Fertellis' clients and prostitutes, driving Frank’s girl to the edge of life or death. Little do they know, even more bloody mayhem lurks just around the corner putting all their lives in danger...

Casting is still underway, though Mr. Puckler’s addition to the cast makes it nearly complete. Based on the current schedule, the project’s timeline is to complete pre-production by August 25, 2014 with a production period of August 26--September 15, 2014 (21 days). Post-production will run through December 31 st with the goal of completing the project by the new year.

The Indiegogo campaign
The LA REELS team has developed an innovative Indiegogo campaign befitting a deliciously raunchy, dashingly daring action-packed feature film like Scramble. The team is offering 20 levels of perks for contributors featuring titillating names like Pussy Platter, Pimp Daddy, and Sex4Life. Specific perks include custom calendars, collector’s cards, photo shoots, dinner with the filmmakers, cameos in the film, and even the chance to die on camera! In an innovative move, once the campaign meets its goal, the top 10 supporters who share the campaign most often on Facebook will win a variety of fun, useful prizes. Prizes include LA REELS best products – custom scenes, reels, or a custom commercial. Contributing to the campaign is not required to win one of these prizes. Please see for more information about both the campaign and social networking prizes.

Because the LA REELS team is so tight, efficient, and experienced working together, the campaign has set a modest goal of raising $50,000 to the complete the project.

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