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Nebraska Selects Tellus for Electronic Visit Verification (EVV)

Tellus is enabling all Nebraska personal care service providers to use EVV


Deerfield Beach, FL -- (ReleaseWire) -- 05/12/2020 --Nebraska Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) has selected 4Tellus, LLC (Tellus) to launch electronic visit verification (EVV) in Nebraska. Tellus is a national EVV company that has successfully launched EVV with multiple states, managed care organizations, and thousands of providers. DHHS is offering the Tellus solution to providers free of charge. DHHS will be implementing an EVV system this year.

This system electronically captures data related to a personal care services visit. "Once implemented, EVV will ensure timeliness of provider payments, accountability of services provided, and greater ability to collect and track data. EVV benefits clients, providers, managed care organizations, and the state as the administrator of health services," said Dannette Smith, DHHS Chief Executive Officer. "Two points in our four-pronged approach highlighted in DHHS' Business Plan are underscored with this solution, as we aim to create an integrated service delivery system and provide more effective, efficient, customer-focused services to Nebraskans."

"EVV is a federal requirement under the 21st Century Cures Act with EVV for personal care services being required by 2021 and home health services required by 2023." said Brad Levine, CEO Tellus. "Tellus is proud to have been selected and are looking forward to providing the best EVV technology in the great State of Nebraska."

DHHS will allow providers to use their own EVV systems. Those systems will not be paid for by DHHS, but instead will be the responsibility of the providers using them. Those EVV systems will also be required to comply with rules set forth by DHHS.

The Cures Act requires certain home and community-based services electronically capture:
1. The type of service(s) performed
2. The location where services were performed
3. The person receiving the services
4. The person providing the services
5. The date of the service
6. The time the service(s) begins and ends

About Tellus
Tellus is a leading healthcare technology provider focused on Electronic Visit Verification (EVV) solutions. Tellus is proud to be the provider of choice among a variety of states, managed care organizations, and provider agencies. The company's comprehensive, cloud-based solutions work to simplify, streamline, and quickly and easily verify care delivery tasks and process claims data right at the point of care. That means agencies, caregivers and patients can focus their time and attention on what matters most — improved patient care with better outcomes, greater efficiency, and cost reduction. For more information about Tellus, visit or call 954-719-0004.

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