Neebo Capital

Neebo Capital Provides Quick and Easy Financial Solutions to Companies

Neebo Capital provides solutions for businesses that are experiencing cash flow shortage. The company provides quick funding for credit worthy business with no financials and no tax returns needed.


Pompano Beach, FL -- (ReleaseWire) -- 10/15/2014 --Cash flow shortage is a serious problem experienced by many businesses especially among small entrepreneurs. In order to solve shortage, there are many companies that borrow money from banks to keep their businesses afloat. Unfortunately, banks have a strict process when lending and could take a long time before it gets approved. A lending company based in Florida is delighted to provide their financial solutions services to companies experiencing cash flow shortage. Neebo Capital is a lending company serving a worldwide client base of wholesalers, distributors, staffing services, manufacturers, technology services, service providers, professionals and other companies.

The company specializes in the factoring of invoice receivables for companies who maintain commercial accounts receivables with a primary focus on companies seeking 9+ million dollars and under in yearly factoring volume.

According to their website,, the company can provide faster and easier funding for qualified businesses. Neebo Capital’s credit limits are based on the business customers’ ability to pay and not on balance sheets, cash flow projection, tax returns and credit score. The company can provide funding as fast as 3-5 days after application especially if the business customers are credit worthy. A business can get up to $250,000 after a simple application. The company can also provide $10 million and up for larger companies with 30 day rates for as low as 0.59%. Among the financial services that they provide are purchase order finance, factoring services, inventory finance, asset-based lending and other alternative financing options.

For their factoring services, the company provides numerous options available. Factoring is a procedure in which aclient assignstheir accounts receivable to the company.Neebo Capital purchases the invoices and advances the cash within 24-48 hours of submission. The company also details the different kinds of factoring to help their clients understand which one is suitable for their business.

Visit their website to learn more about their financial and lending services.

About Neebo Capital
Neebo Capital is a lending company that provides numerous funding solutions to their clients. The company provides a faster and easier way for businesses to get funding or provide financial support through factoring services, asset-based lending and other alternative financing options. The company is located at 2300 W. Sample Rd. Pompano Beach, Florida 33073.