Need a Review? Newly-Launched Website Top10Buddy Can Give Ten

New Website Offers Top 10 Lists of Honest Reviews for Better Online Shopping


New York, NY -- (ReleaseWire) -- 08/02/2018 --In his former gig as a late-night television host, David Letterman put the ubiquitous "Top 10" list to excellent comedic use. Now, a new website has launched, offering a fresh, consumer-friendly take on the crowd-pleasing format.

With the debut of, site founder and owner Edward Miller aims to revolutionize the concept of social proof. "Shoppers — especially online shoppers — really have become more sophisticated and knowledgeable," Miller says. "They always look for the best product reviews before they commit their hard-earned money to buying a new product. With Top10Buddy, we're aiming for nothing less than the preferred place to find out what the top 10 products are, no matter what the shopper wants to buy."

Right now, Top10Buddy features reviews for dozens of top 10 products in their top-10 format for the health and sports/outdoors categories. Miller says that several more categories are coming. "We don't want to rush this. When we say we want to feature the best reviews for each product, we mean it, so we're willing to work hard to get them."

That may be true, but the site is already generating some buzz on the internet. Some of the site's most popular review lists include the best Mini Cribs for babies and the best GPS tracking devices for bikes.

In addition to reviews, Top10Buddy offers educational buying guides for most products covered in its review lists. "Our goal is to help consumers make the best choice possible for their needs and budgets," Miller says. "The buying guide feature is an important part of that achieving that goal."

The site plans to add more review lists over time. Future categories will include Health devices, Physical therapy, Foot care, electronics and much more.

According to a 2016 Pew Research Center survey, over 80 percent of all adults in the United States look for and read online reviews or ratings prior to making a purchase at least some of the time. What's more, 40 percent of those respondents say they almost always consult online reviews before reaching a decision on whether to buy a specific product. The habit of reading online reviews doesn't simply apply to millennials or older Americans, either. Rather, it seems to apply across a broad swathe of demographics.

However, looking for the best product reviews can present a difficult "Goldilocks" type challenge for many online shoppers. Many review sites simply offer individual or "one-off" reviews, which focus solely on a single brand product – far too little information to make an intelligent purchasing decision between several leading options. Other sites present the opposite challenge with dozens of reviews of various brand options for a specific type of product – far too much information to weed through.

What Top10Buddy seeks to do is hit the "just right" spot by selectively considering products and choosing only the top ten product reviews. Pairing top 10 products with a succinct buyer's guide that highlights the most important features to consider helps the online shopper make the best purchase possible.

Miller says the Top10Buddy team has big plans for the future. "We're looking to expand our content to include even more categories and products in each of those categories," he says. "And we also love to hear from our visitors. If there's a specific kind of product they'd like to see covered in one of our top 10 products reviews, drop us a line and let us know!"

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