Heloise Jones

Need Help to Put Writer's Block in the Past? Find the Answers to Push Past That Misconception and Start Creating Again

Author, speaker, and mentor Heloise Jones is thrilled to share her #1 bestselling book, The Writer’s Block Myth, to get you from stuck to create


Sante Fe, NM -- (ReleaseWire) -- 03/06/2018 --The Writer's Block Myth: A Guide To Get Past Stuck & Experience Lasting Creative Freedom is a practical and inspirational guide for the seasoned writer or new to the page, and holds the keys to get past stuck, complete goals, feed the creative soul, and help experience lasting creative freedom for writers.

No matter where on the path a writer is, resistance is inevitable. This book will explain two sets of strategies and action aides - the 'inner game' and the 'outer game.' Learn how to dismiss distractions, trust the creative process, and gives the writer the permission to approach writing in the way they can arrive at their best creative life.

The Writer's Block Myth is for people living in the real world and presented like a conversation with a good friend. Woven throughout the book are stories and interview-conversations with writers of all levels, interests, and experiences, plus short, easy exercises, writing references, motivation and tools to support your process. This book offers reminders to allow life outside of writing to fuel the writing process itself and to integrate writing as part of your life, whatever your circumstances.

"A much needed guide and eye-opener. The author's own experiences and those of other writers that she tells about made me feel understood and I realized that I am not alone." ~Ingrid Johansson

The Writer's Block Myth is an encouraging, practical approach and framework to help a writer know they're still a writer even when they're not putting pen to paper or fingers to keyboard. How stuck on the page includes common excuses such as life distractions, a lack of self-confidence, and the inner critic - it's not about writing so you can focus on the right things to move forward. The writer will find their voice and understand the many ways to define their process and why it matters. It's not really writer's block when a writer is stuck - it's a life block!

Jones hits on an important but all too often overlooked truth: No two writers are the same. The Writer's Block Myth teaches us to look at writing as the joy of creating rather than an obsession on the end product. Break your sometimes big visions into bite-sized steps, approach everything with more self love, and allow yourself to find your own unique way. Writing brings life to words in much the same way that actions bring us to life.

"Heloise goes beyond all limitations, taking us outside the box to explore all possible avenues of solution to writer's block. She does this with down-to-earth advice and suggestions, guaranteed to steer any writer with a problem to any one of many proposed answers. By the finish she has successfully blown the myth!" ~Arthur Sterling

Heloise Jones is an author, speaker, and mentor for creatives. She assists writers and others getting to the heart of what they need to complete their projects and sustain their creative lives. Her background includes years of study in craft, process, and the publishing industry. She shares her experiences from a host of supportive holistic tools and most importantly, she knows all the ways writers and creatives get waylaid.