NeoMed Declares the Launch of Syringe to Syringe Connectors

NeoMed has introduced innovative syringe to syringe connector which connects two NewConnect syringes for transfer or mixing.


Woodstock, GA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 06/29/2018 --NeoMed is glad to announce the launch of the new syringe to syringe coupler - a unique connector which is used to facilitate the transfer of fluids and medications from the first syringe to the second syringe. It allows for patient-specific dosing from pre-filled syringes. This new, unique accessory is ideal for oral feeding.

The coupling includes a centrally-positioned hub extending from a first end to a second end, and a fluid delivery conduit provided within the hub and extending between the first and second ends.

It connects two NewConnect syringes for transfer or mixing. It also helps to comply with some controlled substance disposal protocols. The product details of the syringe to syringe connector can be found on the official website.

Their unique ENFit designs are exclusive to NeoMed and protected by a portfolio of intellectual property such patents, provisional patents, trademarks, and copyrights as well as regulatory market authorization all over the world.

Other than syringe to syringe connector, NeoMed also manufactures and supplies Feeding Tubes, Pharmacy Caps, Extension Sets, Pump Solutions, DoseMate, Cleaning Tool, Transfer Lids, etc.

According to one of the spokespeople of NeoMed, "Not only does the coupler satisfy a clinical need which was not previously addressed with other ENFit systems, but it also represents an improvement in care compared to what was available with legacy systems."

The addition of the syringe to syringe coupler to their ENFit accessories portfolio contributes to the mission of facilitating patient-specific dosing from another NeoConnect syringe. NeoMed is delighted to release a new product focused on patient comfort while following clinical best practices.

Since its establishment in 2007, NeoMed has been relentlessly working with B.Braun Medical, GEM Refrigeration, Paragon Data Systems and Smith's Medical, and the company is always committed to bringing value-added service to their customers.

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