NeoMed Improves Safe Enteral Connections for Neonatal Patients

NeoMed develops innovative enteral connections and delivery products supporting feeding and medication dosing needs of neonatal patients.


Woodstock, GA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 06/29/2018 --NeoMed, the single-use medical device group, is thrilled to launch new safe enteral connectors to improve patient safety. Over the years, the company has developed innovative enteral collection and delivery products supporting the specialized feeding and medication dosing needs of the low birth weight, neonatal and pediatric patient.

At NeoMed, the experts are committed to improving patient outcomes through product designs that meet safety, clinical, and regulatory guidelines while supporting cost containment objectives.

As a leading manufacturer and supplier of ENFit products and accessories, NeoMed is proud to release safe enteral connections. The release of this product is the testament to their ability to recognize market demand and respond to their customer's needs.

The primary objective of their ENFit portfolio is to offer products that minimize process change when switching to ENFit. Since 2007, NeoMed has provided a full range of ENFit products, for adult and children, including administration sets for enteral feeding pumps, syringes, and feeding tubes.

However, for some high-risk patient populations, such as premature neonates and newborns, the ENFit connector can involve a risk of drug overdose, as identified by NeoMed, thanks to its years of experience and expertise in accurate safety feeding systems for neonatology.

Accurate dosing is crucial for these patients, who, sometimes, need to be given very low doses of powerful drugs several times daily. One can gather all such information concerning the therapeutic benefits and risks associated with the new connection standards for enteral feeding devices.

In addressing these issues, NeoMed has also brought in ENFit Low Dose Tip which is typically designed to meet the need of accurate dosing in neonatology. In all cases, the expert staff adheres to the stringent accompanying protocol for the system, to achieve a precise dose for neonatology.

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