NeoMed Inc Announces the Launch of New Pharmacy Bottle Adapter

NeoMed Inc is a leading supplier of a wide variety of neonatal products for the safety of the newborn and pediatric patients.


Woodstock, GA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 07/26/2018 --NeoMed, Inc is a leading resource for a wide variety of neonatal products. It offers enteral safety systems, such as oral dispensers, enteral only extension sets, and feeding tubes, polyurethane feeding tubes, solutions for the collection, storage, and feeding of expressed breast milk, and polyethylene drape/wrap products. The company also provides neonatal catheters and kits, including a line of special procedure kits, which include catheterization trays, urinary collection kits, and drainage catheters and lumbar puncture kits and needles, and other products to manage identification, storage, and verification.

Pharmacy bottle adapter is the latest entry to their product list. The product makes drawing liquids into an oral syringe easier. It makes it easy to create a secure fit for any size child. The original cap can be replaced with the insert still in place. Sizes are based on the outside neck diameter of the bottle including threads.

The cap coupler was mainly designed to fill a critical need for medication preparation as the industry transitions to ENFit. The adaptor enhances aseptic filling processes while minimizing change to current procedures.

The most significant advantage of this fill cap coupler is that it is easy to use for home care patients/caregivers. Apart from being essential for home care applications, it also works with current oral bottle adapters. It also allows for continued use of standard childproof bottle caps.

The compatible pharmacy caps promotes dosing accuracy by displacing the same volume as the ENFit male connector. It is also designed for rapid filling operations. Being non-threaded, it can minimize the impact on processing flow.

The primary objective of the company is to offer products that minimize process change when switching to ENFit. NeoMed has approved a full range of ENFit products, for adult and children, including administration sets for enteral feeding pumps, syringes, and feeding tubes.

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NeoMed offers a full portfolio of neonatal catheters and kits, metric only oral syringes in both clear and amber, urinary drainage catheters, and kits, umbilical catheters, insertion kits, and breast milk tubes.