NeoMed Is Pleased to Offer ML Only Syringes

NeoMed offers ML only syringes that play an essential role in the medication of the patient as well as flushing and irrigation of specific parts of the body.


Woodstock, GA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 08/01/2018 --NeoMed offers a wide range of Pharmacy ENFit syringes, needles, and other medical equipment available online. The syringes are available in clear with purple gradient markings and amber with white gradient markings.

There are different types of ML only syringes available based on the different purposes they are used for. Also, there are various added products that one may require along with these syringes.

The size of the syringe will most definitely depend on what liquid is to be stored with the syringes and how much of it is to be stored. Mostly, these syringes contain medicines, blood, or various other liquids. The rigid O-ring plunger design is the preferred option for its smooth and accurate delivery compared to flexible rubber style plunger tips.

The solid plunger accurately aligns with gradient markings for precise measurements. Distinct gradient markings and bold members provide visual clarity. The unique ENFit syringes are exclusive to NeoMed and protected by a portfolio of intellectual property such as patents, provisional patents, trademarks, and copyrights as well as regulatory market authorization all over the world.

Other products supplied by NeoMed include feeding tubes, pharmacy caps, extension sets, pump solutions, dosemate, cleaning tool, transfer lids, etc.

The goal of the company is not just to satisfy a clinical need which was not previously addressed with other ENFit systems, but to represent an improvement in care compared to what was available with legacy systems.

Several future products are under development that is designed to improve clinical outcomes and enhance enteral safety expanding beyond the neonatal patient into pediatric and adult applications.

The company also enjoys partnerships with major national Group Purchasing Organization and IDNs. They also have distribution agreements with all National Prime Vendors as well as selected regional dealers. Their commitment to quality products and on-time delivery are unparalleled.

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About NeoMed
NeoMed offers a full portfolio of neonatal catheters and kits, metric only oral syringes in both clear and amber, urinary drainage catheters, and kits, umbilical catheters, insertion kits, and breast milk tubes.