Neo Med

NeoMed® Introduces the NeoConnect® DoseMate® DL for Direct Oral Administration with ENFit® Syringes


Woodstock, GA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 04/17/2018 --NeoMed is pleased to announce the launch of the new NeoConnect DoseMate DL (Directional Long) – an innovative and ergonomic solution for gentle, direct oral medication administration with an ENFit syringe. This new, patent-pending pharmacy accessory is ideal for dosing oral medications directly to the patient's cheek or back of the mouth.

The soft, pliable cannula features a smooth, rounded tip, which is optimal when administering oral medication into a patient's mouth. Not only does the inventive design mitigate concerns over placing threaded syringe tips into a patient's mouth, it also provides patient comfort during direct oral administration without introducing a choking hazard.1

Dosing accuracy is a key component of the DoseMate DL design. Similar to its DoseMate counterpart, the DoseMate DL minimizes priming volume and helps prevent fluid accumulation in the syringe's moat, which complies with the Global Enteral Device Supplier Association's (GEDSA) August 2016 position statement.

Ben Davis, Vice President of Engineering and Product Development, said, "Not only does the DoseMate DL satisfy a clinical need not previously addressed with other ENFit systems, but it also represents an improvement in care compared to what was available with legacy systems."

"The addition of the DoseMate DL to our ENFit accessories portfolio contributes to our mission of supporting the specialized feeding and medication dosing needs of the low birth weight, neonatal, and pediatric patient populations. We are very pleased to release a new product focused on patient comfort, while following clinical best practices. The DoseMate DL is yet another effective accessory that will help minimize protocol changes for clinicians as the global transition to ENFit continues," stated NeoMed President, Aaron Ingram.

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