NetCheckr Announces Platform Where Users Can Check Their Popularity and Influence Across Social Media

Social media presence for both an individual and a business certainly has a monetary value. The new platform NetCheckr gives a reliable way to determine what that value is, and for users to offer payment in their own crypto coin to access that influence. Their ICO launches April 1st.


Amsterdam, The Netherlands -- (ReleaseWire) -- 03/28/2018 --There's no denying the world is in a social media age where influencers wield great power that can help make or break businesses. An unanswered question has been how to gauge that value when it exists across many social media outlets in a fair and balanced way. Stepping up to help is the exciting new platform Netcheckr. NetCheckr uses a smart algorithm that scans the social media profiles of its users and evaluates their "online net worth" and "message value" according to their reach and popularity. Advertisers can then choose to connect with these influencers and work out win/win deals to help spread their message based on the platform's unbiased algorithm, making payments in Netcheckr's unique token Netterium (NETR). The NETR ICO launches on April 1st, 2018.

"We are very excited to see our platform debut and bring clarity and transparency to the world of social media influencers," commented a spokesperson from the company. "We are sure both these influencers and advertisers will benefit in a real way from the new, valuable tool and resource."

According to Netcheckr, starting at the April 1st ICO, the Netterium token will be available for pre-sale with a 100% bonus. At € 0.02 + €0.02 per Netterium token. This opens what many would consider a very interesting and potentially profitable opportunity for advertisers, influencers, and smart investors, looking for an early start on a platform that delivers a clearly needed service with a huge potential market that continues to grow every day.

For people curious about their online social media worth, to businesses who want to get a good Return on Investment (ROI) when working with social media influencers, Netcheckr is being greeted with enthusiasm.

Chris S., from New York, recently said, "Part of our marketing strategy is making the best use of people on social media to promote our products. We've had mixed success, something clearly being overcharged. Netcheckr is just the kind of platform we have been dreaming about. We will be right on the ICO that's for sure. Five-star concept."

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About Netcheckr
The Netcheckr platform calculates its users social media popularity based on reach and activity. When users connect their social media accounts, the Netcheckr algorithm measures the value of all your social data and converts it into an online net worth.

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