Never Lose Money with This Wrist-Worn Wallet

Everyone has a wallet, but the traditional pocket style can be uncomfortable and leaves valuables vulnerable. Here to help is the snap-on Wear Wallet, keeping assets close.


Los Angeles, CA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 10/26/2016 --Every day, around four hundred thousand pickpocketing incidents occur, and this number is likely deflated due to the number of thefts unreported *. Thefts is often chalked up to baggy shorts or quick hands, but the less-known factor is the traditional wallet. This is where Wear Wallet fills its niche. The snap-on wearable wallet securely wraps around anything from a calf to a wrist, ensuring that thieves are deterred. The fact of the matter is that pickpockets are so used to stealing from the traditional folding wallet that even the deepest pockets will not protect a pedestrian.

The Wear Wallet itself is composed of a strong textile base, a high-quality zipper, and a metal snap-to-fit device. The wallet can be securely worn around the wrist, calf, or upper arm, whatever is the most convenient. In this way the wallet is physically attached to the wearer so it will never slip out of a purse or pocket. As a side benefit, the wallet has the appearance of adorable tiny pants when not being worn. This method of wallet carrying easily prevents the physical act of pickpocketing.

But pedestrians have more to fear than just physical theft. In today's technologically advanced world, many credit cards are equipped RFID chips, allowing wireless transactions. Unfortunately, this convenience makes cards vulnerable to virtual theft, so the Wear Wallet team has included a RFID-blocking card sleeve, defending the power of plastic. Another consideration is comfort. Traditional wallets can damage back muscles as they dig into tissue while the user sits down, but the Wear Wallet avoids this with a comfortable fastening device.

Currently, all wallets are hand-made by founder Darius Santos, which is impractical given the demand he is receiving. To allow a greater volume of production while keeping the same USA-made quality, Wear Wallet needs capital. In turn, the Wear Wallet team has launched a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter, garnering funds for production. Supporters of the campaign will receive rewards ranging from a steel security wallet chain to a custom-made bejeweled wallet made from a selection of exotic materials including alligator skin, stingray skin, and more. With the support of readers the Wear Wallet will reinvent the typical image of a wallet and virtually eliminate wallet theft.

About Wear Wallet
The Wear Wallet was conceived by Darius Santos, a lifelong crafter. In his childhood, Darius was exposed to the entrepreneurial drive of his mother and started tinkering of his own. He took to sculpting and leather crafting, skills he is now excited to incorporate in the Wear Wallet's design. Darius values quality and individuality as he insists on American-made manufacturing and is sure to allow every client the ability to express themselves through custom wallets and the way they use his products.

To learn more or support the Wear Wallet visit the Kickstarter campaign page.