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Never Outsource to Freelancers Again – Meet ContentRoshi – The Zen Inspired Content Marketing Agency

Ditch the headaches of outsourcing to a freelance content team and keep things simple with ContentRoshi, the Zen inspired agency that is redefining the way blog articles and content marketing services get delivered.


Reno, NV -- (ReleaseWire) -- 07/15/2020 --In the world of content marketing, one ever present challenge for today's startups and businesses is sourcing writing talent affordably. Competent writers often come at a premium and are far and few between in the applicant pool. Competition for remote work is fierce and content is a field with a low barrier to entry. Many are looking to cash-in and with the coronavirus serving as the catalyst to the next economic recession, the supply of writers has strengthened in short order. When outsourcing, sifting through over confident pitches from freelancers becomes a time consuming task. As businesses look to skip the complexity of managing a remote team altogether, they may find peace in a simplified approach like ContentRoshi.

The done-for-you service model is a new breed of digital services following a productized delivery method. With upfront clarification on deliverables and a fixed price, it's a refreshing approach that brings a unique simplicity compared to traditional service providers. Customers can appreciate the well defined plans that provide structure and guarantee value. Common difficulties such as missed deadlines and unedited work become a thing of the past. Based off feedback received, results in the productized landscape are typically better because the system has been ironed out and time tested with other customers.

The owner, Dylan, who also owns a startup SaaS company in the B2B space, agrees.

Careers in freelancing typically don't last long. You lose writers regularly if you go that route for hiring. They find more stable work, take on other clients, and get busy. Unless you want to bring on a writer full-time, an all-inclusive and packaged service is genuinely what you want. They are managing those relationships and keeping writers on the payroll for you. Dylan @ BrandRoshi

Many feel similarly after challenging experiences with freelancers. Sometimes it is the solace of a professional brand that brings comfort.

ContentRoshi hopes to impress with the array of marketing extras that accompany their content. Customers are gifted with complementary keyword research, social media snippets, and call-to-action offers that entice email subscribers. This is a unique angle the agency has taken that is likely to win over businesses looking for more ways to engage their audience and drive results. Of course, these components are in addition to some already very appealing aspects of the service. Blog posts from ContentRoshi are long-form, which means they are data-backed articles crafted with care that would be considered premium by industry standards. They come with a featured image, editing, and are impressive in word count and language alike. Furthermore, customers benefit from Roshi Development's network of sites including OutreachRoshi, where guest posting and link outreach is streamlined.

Perhaps for some, the most compelling part of ContentRoshi is in the name. Zen inspired, "Roshi" is originally a Japanese term which is loosely translated to mean "old teacher" or "old master." The younger crowd may even recognize it from Master Roshi, a comical character in Dragon Ball Z, the popular anime television series. In the context of the ContentRoshi brand name, it is used to represent an appreciation for Zen and mindfulness practices. It serves as a reminder to incorporate the teachings of mindfulness into everyday life. A tasteful touch, customers can look for this to be expressed in the quality of content received and thus, truly earning the Roshi title.

With increased interest from software companies and other founders that are too busy to blog, Silicon Valley and Seattle based startups are expected to make up much of ContentRoshi's initial customer base. Many are excited to see what the future has in store for the newcomer. Whether they will carve out a sizable chunk in the market is yet to be determined but the demand is there and the concept is promising.

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