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New 3D Animated Virtual World Launches Indiegogo Campaign


Douglas, MA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 10/24/2014 --Mr Paul Phillips, writer producer of new 3d animated series Virtasian Tales & book of the same title which is available online to read for free is pursuing Crowd Funding with Indiegogo.

Mr Phillips believes some of the new “Animation Application Technologies” which will be introduced in Virtasian Tales will dramatically change the way children interact with their favorite animated characters forever.

'Real Time Video Chat with Animated Characters (Animated Chat)' is a new innovative software & hard ware application which will allow children to chat on line with their favorite animated characters from Virtasian Tales on their Tablet or Smart Phone. Not pre-recorded grabs of the character, rather real time full motion vision of the character which will respond immediately with applicable typed or verbal answers to any questions or requests in much the same way any normal person would.

The flow on effects of this new software application are enormous. Animated Characters will become as real as anyone else children may presently chat on line with, which should bring the fantasy world of Virtasia that much closer to reality for kids.

For the ‘Video Game Industry’, this technology could possibly be a real game changer, which would allow interaction with characters as never been seen before.

The technology will also allow characters like Zac, Book & Bellasini the heros of Virtasian Tales to call up their young friends to wish them a happy birthday, or Merry Xmas. It will also enable them to pay video chat visits to talk with any of their sick young friends in the hospital.

This character interaction, which will be finalized & launched in the first quarter 2015, will at first be limited to the families of Crowd Funders of Virtasian Tales & the media to thank them for their support, however in 2016 Character Video Chat will be opened up to the world.

In February after the official media launch of ‘Animated Chat’, Bellasini will begin her whirlwind press campaign to promote the new technology with live link Video Chats on various national & international television & web shows to demonstrate the real time interaction of ‘Animated Chat’ with hosts of talk shows.

About Virtasia
‘Virtasia’ is the 21st century’s new virtual world or dimension of fantasy, where hundreds of new adventures including Virtasian Tales will occur & become movies in much the same way ‘Fantasy Land’ was the 20th century’s imaginary land or platform for fairy tales. The big difference is in the world of Virtasia, because of our ACVC technologies you will be able to PARTICIPATE & INTERACT with the characters of Virtasia in exactly the same way you interact with any of your friends via social medias & chat rooms today.