New 3D PageFlip Professional Software with Dynamic Scenes Released!


Guangdong, China -- (ReleaseWire) -- 04/07/2013 --3-DPageFlip.com has just released a new piece of flipbook software, called 3D PageFlip Creator Professional, which allows users to make dynamic 3-D books from their PDF files. If you have never seen a 3-D book or brochure, you will be amazed by the dynamic page flipping look of the document or book. The new software has 21 dynamic scenes that are designed and preconfigured into the 3D PageFlip Creator Professional software.

The software is easy to use, and with just a double-click, users can to apply dynamic scenes to the background of the book they are creating. If a user chooses to remove these scenes and attributes, it is as simple as double-clicking the “None” scene which means no scene is applied in the Scenes panel.

This flip magazine software gives anyone the ability to design an e-book, brochure, or other document, with custom backgrounds and images -- to include three-dimensional scenes and dynamic scenes which move. These dynamic backgrounds will coordinate and mesh perfectly with the 3-D page flipping book being created. Dynamic scenes are new feature of the flipbook Creator Pro. If you are unfamiliar with this technology, you can visit www.3dpageflip.com for a demonstration.

Satisfied users of this type of technology have commented that it is much easier to learn and utilize than they anticipated. In fact, the software has been designed in such a way, that it really is point and click, and almost anyone can learn to use it in a very short time. It truly is amazing, how professional and impactful this type of dynamic pdf to page flip book can be. This technology really is cutting edge.

About 3DPageFlip.com
China-based 3DPageFlip.com has released numerous software titles, since its inception in 2008, which allow users to convert PDF, Word, and other files into realistic page flip e-books. These innovative tools have revolutionized the software market and the company continues to improve upon its unique software all the time. It is devoted to excellent customer service, both walking users through new features and taking suggestions to incorporate into future updates.