New ADHD GO Program Gives Adults Control of Their Overstimulating World Despite Pandemic Overload


Salem, OR -- (ReleaseWire) -- 03/02/2021 --Offering a real-life approach to ADHD education, treatment, and coaching, a new program comes to the masses just in time for a reboot. With mental health making news due to concerns surrounding the social isolation and disruptions caused by COVID-19, ADHD GO offers support for common symptoms like impaired focus and impulsivity. Giving the ultimate control to those struggling with the condition, the program and corresponding book were created to help anyone improve their situation and achieve life goals. Started by Eric Anderson, himself an adult with ADHD, the guided self-coaching strategy speaks the language of atypical thinkers to increase understanding of their phenomenal brains and modify behaviors.

Eric Anderson, Creator of ADHD GO, said, "The symptoms of ADHD affect everyone to some degree, especially during periods of high stress. I've personally struggled with distractibility, disorganization, and procrastination for my entire life, and the pandemic hasn't made things any easier. I created ADHD GO to overcome those challenges and accomplish my big goals. Now I help others do the same."

The ADHD GO online course offers live webinars, video content, and access to the eBook "ADHD GO: Treatment & Self-Coaching." Anderson also offers free classes weekly to help atypical thinkers learn the fundamentals of their condition.

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ADHD GO is a treatment plan to manage the symptoms of adult ADHD. The program helps increase awareness, intention-setting, and goal achievement.

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