New AEERC President Credits Cleveland Roots for Success


Washington, DC -- (ReleaseWire) -- 04/21/2014 --American Energy Education and Research Center, Inc. (AEERC) has a mission to provide education and raise awareness for matters related to America’s renewable and nonrenewable energy has named Benedictine High School and John Carroll University graduate John Browne to the position of President.

The timing comes just prior to Mr. Browne’s sixth non-fiction release, The Alternative Lie; a book that discusses solutions to Washington’s flawed energy agenda. In the book, Browne makes it clear he’s not anti-alternative green energy, saying, “I believe in an all hands on deck approach to America’s energy question, but we need solutions that are affordable. We don’t need $100,000.00 battery powered luxury vehicles and we don’t have an extra $30,000.00 lying around to outfit our homes with solar panels. I feel we have a moral responsibility to be wise stewards over our environment. If we conduct our business with this in mind then the human part of equation is solved.”

John Browne began his journey at The Syndicate Information and News Network, where he still serves as President, has grown into one of the nation’s premier firms in database development. In 2011, he formed The Legacy Reserve to act as the holding company for his various businesses. Over the past decade he has—quite successfully— forayed into the oil and gas segment. His oil drilling and production company has hit 15 straight oil strikes with profitable production from all 15; a highly unusual scenario for a small oil drilling and production company. Progress didn’t end there for Browne. In 2013, Political Science Strategy and Marketing Services, another company he founded, was recognized by 8x8, Inc. as one of the fastest growing companies in its sector.

He attended Benedictine High School in Cleveland, Ohio, where he was a standout defensive end and tight end for the school’s football team. He opted to attend John Carroll University, right across the street from the home he grew up in on Carroll Blvd.

While pursuing an undergraduate degree in Sociology at John Carroll University, John discovered an interest in data and statistics, while also serving on the football team as defensive captain. Since those days, he has developed an expertise in Data Science, Demography, and Profiling.

He’s the youngest of eleven children born and raised in Cleveland, Ohio and attributes his success to God and his parents (Mike & Betty Browne). I can’t do anything without faith. I put my faith in God and go to work”. A lesson he learned at Benedictine High School where the motto is Ora et Labora – Pray and Work. “It’s a relationship I have with God. I work - He answers.” Benedictine High School, John Carroll University, his father, and participation in athletics furthered his appreciation for discipline and preparation, instilling an overriding business philosophy to never be outworked.

There have been a number of John Carroll University graduates in the news as of late: Greg Roman, Offensive Coordinator for the San Francisco 49’ers; Tom Telesco, General Manager for the San Diego Chargers; David Caldwell, General Manager for the Jacksonville Jaguars; Josh McDaniels, Offensive Coordinator  for the New England Patriots; Nick Caserio, Director of Player Personnel for the New England Patriots(University School graduate); Brian Polian, Head Football Coach for University of Nevada; and of course, 15 year veteran and NFL great, London Fletcher. With the exception of Fletcher, who transferred from Kent State, all of the aforementioned were teammates of John Browne (defensive end) on the 1995 John Carroll University OAC Championship football team, coached by Tony DeCarlo.

Browne, who played an important role on that team as the defensive captain was asked to comment about his former teammates, “There’s nothing former about the connection. We’re teammates for life. In my opinion, it started at the top with Tony DeCarlo. What separated Coach DeCarlo was that he didn’t allow sideshows to detract from the main objective – winning. He understood that in order to build a team you have to build a family.”

“All the guys from that ‘95 team are special, and many more not mentioned have become successful fathers and professionals. Recently, Coach Kehres from Mount Union College made mention that intelligence is the reason for their success, but intelligence doesn’t keep your eyes open when you’re working eighteen hour days. I know for a fact that Greg (Roman) regularly worked those hours. Greg and I were very close friends. He’s incredibly disciplined, determined, and analytical. He’s not a checkers kind of guy – he’s chess all the way. He’s a man of high character and integrity. Tommy (Telesco) is a true gentleman. He’s a class act, and was always impressed by his positive attitude. Dave (Caldwell) is an extremely loyal guy and much tougher than people think. He’s not the type to tip his hand. When all the chips are on the table, he knows exactly how to step it up. Josh (McDaniels) is a math wizard! I think he must have a CPU for a brain. He is confident, sharp, and has an incredible sense of humor. Josh worked with me for a few years between Michigan State and The Patriots. It was a sad day when he moved on to New England. I didn’t know Nick Caserio well, having been a senior when he was a freshman, but I definitely noticed him. His work ethic and leadership skills will make him a perfect choice to lead any organization. I’m excited about the opportunity Brian Polian has as Head Coach at The University of Nevada. Brian earned everything he has right now. He has faced many frustrating moments and disappointments along the way, but showed real grit and determination. He will build a winning tradition by developing great men. London (Fletcher), unfortunately, transferred the year after my graduation. I’m honored to have shared some special moments with them. Their best is yet to come, and I hope to be a witness.”

Browne says he doesn’t have plans for the future, “I’ll keep working and rely on God to provide the answers.”

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