New-Age Exclusive Digitally Animated Greetings Card Seeks Crowdfund Support at Kickstarter

Vancouver developer and greetings cards pro, Cody McCulloch, has launched a crowdfunding campaign at Kickstarter in support of his new-age digital greeting card company Letterink that assures exclusive hand-painted digitally frame by frame animated greeting cards, carrying nice stories.


Vancouver, BC -- (ReleaseWire) -- 08/25/2016 --Vancouver developer and greetings cards pro, Cody McCulloch, has recently launched a crowdfunding campaign at Kickstarter seeking support for his new-age digital greeting card company Letterink. Designed with exclusive digital animation, Letterink cards convey nice stories through humor & character development. It's for the first time in digital greeting scene that somebody has come up with such a unique concept.

The crowdfunding campaign is geared to raise $10,000 CAD - USD 7700 by September 18, 2016. Cody is supported in his endeavor by another greeting cards pro Linh Pham.

"The greeting cards industry has not had any change for long and most cards today look just the same as those from, say, 10 years back. Being greeting card professionals ourselves we decided to bring a change for better, teaming up with the great advancements in the web technologies- and Letterink was born. Our special hand-painted, frame-by-frame digitally animated cards carry a great tale that captures life of every character with élan, accentuated with the desired humor. Every card can be personalized with the sender's name, logo, image and personal message for the recipient. We assure you a never-seen-before experience where the card you send will stay etched in the minds forever. But such a breakthrough project needs us to deliver the best work sans worries that again call for a robust financial backup- hence this crowdfunding campaign. Your support would be much appreciated", stated Cody while announcing the campaign.

Each Letterink e-card is created from storyboards & concept art – which is followed by frame-by-frame animation, sound effects & music. Cool special effects are also added, such as snow particles and finally the cards are converted to varied formats to assure easy view on all devices.

"Our goal here is to maintain the 'hand-painted' essence throughout the story & lively animation. We make sure to keep that digital stance to minimum. We are here to do the impossible and we are continuing to experiment with the UI to ensure the most entertaining experience. Most importantly, we are looking forward to creating happy unforgettable moments for the senders & especially the recipients."

As a Letterink member, you will have an easy view of all cards sent & received from your member accounts. You would also be able to know whether the card has actually been viewed. Your recipients can download a custom phone/desktop background for their Letterink card which includes the personalized message for a convenient reminder that someone was thinking of you - something that's not always viable with most of the e-cards.

A great host of perks are waiting for the backers. These include a Thank You card from Letterink, a Live/Static Letterink card, an animated card, unlimited copies of digital Letterink cards at a discounted price and so on.

A pledge of $55 CAD or more would mean the additional perk of a cool free custom printed scarf - unlocked if we reach $50,000 in funding. Donations reaching $105 and $120 CAD would be rewarded with startup packs including exclusive Kickstarter cards and $100 CAD worth card customization services.

Pledges of $360 and $805 CAD signify added privilege of customized email template and one fully designated email template respectively.

"We have the most exclusive deal found nowhere for donations reaching $3000 CAD where you will have fully designated card and email template along with all other benefits."

To show your support for the campaign, visit New Age Digital Greetings