New Animated TV Show Aims to Get Children Active


Staten Island, NY -- (ReleaseWire) -- 02/15/2016 --Donations are being welcomed on Kickstarter to get a new animated TV show off the ground this spring. 'Dewey Does 110' inspires children to be more active and aims to help combat childhood obesity. Dewey Does, the creation of Thomas Kinslow, is a colorful, enthusiastic little boy who loves sports. Children around 6 to 12 years-old are already drawn to his bright red and white sport's wear, his trademark back-to-front baseball cap with an oversized peak, chestnut brown eyes, and his big, friendly smile, as Dewey has been on the scene now for a number of years.

As well as a previous animated pilot 'Dewey Does 4 Prez,' the popular, colorful character has a website, blog, a monthly newsletter, his own Dewey Does Sport ABC Poster, an online game, and a series of short stories and published books depicting personal challenges, friendships, and rivalries. More than just a TV cartoon, Dewey Does inspires children to read, play sports, eat healthy, and give 110% effort to what they believe in, persevering through life's challenges.

Creator Kinslow knows that children can relate to his character and the other engaging characters in Doesville, and he is ready to start on his new pilot which children will love; it has the catchy title 'A Monster Ate My Sneakers'. Inspired by a true story says Kinslow, Dewey's challenge is to find the kids of Doesville's missing sneakers so they can play sports again. He is accompanied on his adventures by two new characters, Speedy and Fifth Gear, Dewey Does' Jamaican footwear. The goal is to begin production of the pilot in March 2016, with a launch date of May 1, 2016. Once the pilot is complete, the project will be one step closer toward creating its first full season.

Donations can be made on Kickstarter; for $5, a donor will receive a Dewey Does magnet for their refrigerator or car. For a donation of $40 or more, a donor can be the first to view 'A Monster Ate My Sneakers' pilot, watch team interviews, view pre and post production footage, and will receive a 'super bundle' which includes a tee-shirt, a set of books, a coloring book, and much more. 2% of all pledges made on Kickstarter will go to the Dewey Does Foundation, a not-for-profit organization which was founded in 2006 to tackle the very real problem of childhood obesity.

It is also possible to like and follow Dewey Does on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, or get involved and suggest a character for the TV show. The 'Dewey Does Character Wanted' contest is looking for ideas from children and adults alike and is encouraging viewers to come up with ideas. An email can be sent to the show's creators with suggestions of who fans would like to see in the new 'Dewey Does 110' animation.