New Anonymous, Secure and Untraceable Cryptocurrency Launched


Sherbrooke, QC -- (ReleaseWire) -- 06/15/2016 --A newly developed cryptocurrency was launched on June 7th 2016 called Bikercoin - The coin was publicly launched very early in its lifecycle compared to other digital currencies, with the aim to promote ease of access and trust through transparency. Utilizing CryptoNight hashing algorithm, Bikercoin is Anonymous, secure and enables transactions to be made in nanoseconds and strikes an attractive prospect for those that missed the Bitcoin boom.

The Bikercoin console and wallet software are currently available for Windows with a Mac OSX version in development and marked for release shortly. In technical terms, Bikercoin differs from Bitcoin in the untraceable coin transactions and the total amount of coins (21 million Bitcoins compare to 25 million Bikercoins).

A more in-depth technical specification can be found here -

The Bikercoin was launched without delay, which means that coins were not pre-mined and hoarded by the developers, and the level of difficulty in mining them is still low. This situation offers a distinct opportunity for those who missed out with Bitcoin to get involved in a promising cryptocurrency in its infancy.

The Bikercoin community are working together to further the goal of making the coin universally accessible and friendly to newcomers. The community positively encourage questions and discussion from newcomers and experienced cryptocurrency users alike. The Bikercoin forum features topics such as trading, technical and non-technical areas, feedback, troubleshooting and is the main venue for news updates.

The forum can be found at

The developers are dedicated to building more apps for the platform, to increase usability and garner more widespread appeal. The development team have years of professional experience, enabling them to give the end user superior technical support and to create industry leading software.

About Bikercoins
Bikercoins can be used globally; in any country, at any time. Built upon public open source architecture, nobody owns or controls Bikercoin, and anybody can take part.

For those wishing to track developments and Bikercoin news, please see the FACEBOOK and TWITTER pages.

If you wish to discuss or promote Bikercoin in the press or online, graphics are available upon request.

For further information contact:
Martin Dufresne