New App Could Save Millions of Lives in the Event of a Missile Attack


Tokyo, Japan -- (ReleaseWire) -- 11/12/2017 --Meta Studios in Tokyo has developed an app that will alert residents in Japan in the event of a ballistic missile attack from North Korea. Called JMWS, which stands for Japan Early Missile Warning System Alert, the app will warn users of an impending nuclear or biological missile attack so they can prepare to evacuate, find somewhere safe to shelter, and locate friends and family.

With tension mounting between the United States, Japan, and North Korea, the app's developers at Meta Studio feel it is imperative that a system is in place to prepare and educate people in case of attack. The app will be the first and only application in Japan that connects to the J-Alert System, a nationwide warning system designed to inform the public of various threats. JMWS has the potential to save thousands, if not millions, of lives and no other emergency system can match it for functionality.

"A North Korean missile can reach mainland Japan in less than 10 minutes. We hope this situation never occurs in Japan, or anywhere else, but we believe it is imperative that Japanese citizens have the means to be alerted by cell phone if it does happen," said Guillermo Alarcon, Founder of Meta Studios Creative Agency.

- JMWS will tell users where their nearest shelter, bunker, and emergency evacuation center is located.

- Users can access live emergency broadcast systems in Japanese and the American Forces Network Pacific in English.

- Integrated features will enable users to report accidents and missing persons.

- The app is connected to a Social Network Engine which has been built by the Meta Studios team.

- The Social Network Engine is connected to Facebook and Twitter and users can share photos, chats, and their location within the platform and mark themselves as safe.

- JMWS will contain all the information the public needs in offline PDF manual format. The manuals will describe how to act and exactly what they need to do to stay safe.

"There are thousands of shelters in the Tokyo Metropolitan Area, but many people don't know how to find one. The app contains the largest database of shelters in Japan and can also tell you where underground stations and malls are located so you can easily find one in an emergency," explained Alarcon.

JMWS is currently being developed and is the final stages of beta testing. Future releases are planned that will enable users to report directly to the emergency services, report injuries, and communicate with government agencies. Plans include integration with offline Bluetooth chat apps so users can communicate with one another if cellphone towers are down. JMWS will be optimized for iOS 11 and the upcoming iPhone.

Meta Studios has launched JMWS on Kickstarter to raise the funds they need for monthly server costs and to maintain an app of this magnitude.

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