New App Designed by College Dropout Revolutionizes How Students 'Do' Class

Developed by a college dropout, the ChalkChat app makes using a smartphone during class the most ingenious shortcut to productive interaction between students.


Miami, FL -- (ReleaseWire) -- 07/07/2015 --Fueled by innovation and a reverently irreverent approach, a new iPhone chat app just might change the way teachers teach. Putting smartphones front and center in classrooms worldwide, the ChalkChat app launches to help erase shyness and failing grades. How so? It creates a productive, anonymous social network for students within the class. By erasing the potential to be embarrassed, ChalkChat makes exchanging ideas in real-time a fearless endeavor.

Encouraging the unimaginable, mobile usage in class, the iOS chat app helps students learn by teaching. Now they can ask their fellow classmates for input on questions they're too shy to ask out loud. Giving students complete anonymity while silently having a class discussion, the app was ironically designed by a college dropout.

ChalkChat developer Strahinja Markovic said of his digital version of free speech, "I came from Serbia to the United States to study software engineering but I didn't like college ways. The classroom environment was the same as it was in my high school, with the professor giving a lecture and students sitting and not being involved. It didn't challenge me, it didn't inspire me. Now, because of that experience, I'm helping students exchange ideas, improve communication, have fun and learn."

Markovic adds, "I was amazed when a professor in Brazil contacted me and told me how he likes the idea, and how he started encouraging his students to use the app. It's an incredible feedback. The app is increasingly gaining popularity in Brazil where the school year is currently in progress. It's taking over classroom by classroom over there, but we have yet to see how it will be accepted in U.S. classrooms this fall."

ChalkChat app users simply sign on, pick an username and profile picture, and click chat on their WiFi enabled device. Instantly they're connected with everyone in their classroom using ChalkChat. The app uses peer to peer networking to connect devices directly via Wi-Fi, so it doesn't need internet connection. The app has no sound or vibration to disturb the class.

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About ChalkChat
The ChalkChat is a free iOS app developed by former Florida Institute of Technology student turned application designer Strahinja Markovic. Designed to enhance learning via anonymous communication amongst students, the app is a benefit to professors who can monitor its prompts as well.

Strahinja Markovic
Software Developer, ChalkChat App