New App Guarantees to Improve the Page-Load Speed of Any Shopify Store


London, UK -- (ReleaseWire) -- 11/10/2017 --Shoptimized announces the release of their groundbreaking app, SpeedBoost Ninja which helps boost sales and conversions for Shopify stores by dramatically improving their page-load speeds, solving a big problem that often kills sales for anyone selling online.

SpeedBoost Ninja also improves a store's Google PageSpeed Insight score—a higher score is a significant factor in Google's search ranking factors since Google openly admits to favoring sites in its search results that load fast and are mobile friendly.

Shoptimized Founder, Bradley says "We developed SpeedBoost Ninja to tackle the three big issues caused by slow loading pages on e-commerce stores; Firstly, every second of delay results in lost sales because shoppers are increasingly impatient - as proven in many studies. Secondly, slow speeds and a low Google PageSpeed Insights score result in suppressed rankings on Google.  This means stores that load slower than others are forced further down the search results and they're missing out on traffic and sales that their competitors are scooping up. Finally, stores that are running paid ads on Google (and soon Facebook) will get a lower quality score if their pages are sluggish. The lower the quality score, the higher their cost-per-click.  SpeedBoost Ninja solves all of these issues at the click of a button." 

Research carried out by KISSmetrics, shows that for every one-second delay in page load speed, a store's conversion rate will drop 7%. So, for an average store generating $50k per month, that could mean $42k in lost revenue per year. 

And even as far back as 2006, Amazon reported that for every 100-milliseconds they sped up their store's pages, they saw a 1% increase in revenue. But since 2006, the average attention span of a web visitor has plummeted to just 8-seconds, so if your page loads in over 4-seconds, you have under 4-seconds left to impress a visitor enough to stay and buy.

George Beard, Shoptimized's Chief Technical Officer says "SpeedBoost Ninja is essential for any Shopify store that wants to compete in today's market.  Stores that focus on improving their conversion rate are able to generate more sales and re-invest the extra profits back into outbidding and outmaneuvering their competition to gain a bigger market share."

You can start a 14-day free trial to SpeedBoost Ninja to see how it can improve your page-load speeds, sales, and conversions.

About Shoptimized
Shoptimized was founded by Conversion Rate Expert (and real-life 3rd Dan Blackbelt Ninja), Bradley Long to help e-commerce store owners improve their sales and profits by short-cutting the learning curve of knowing what helps and what hurts their store's conversion rate through groundbreaking training and software.

Bradley Long