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New Athletic Accessory That Keeps Your Rings Safe


Chicago, IL -- (ReleaseWire) -- 12/15/2016 --With the average price of a woman's engagement ring in Illinois resting well over $7,700 (1), it is obvious these precious gems need protection. And these figures do not include the sentimental value that engagement rings hold nor the price of a wedding band (or two). This becomes an important issue at a gym or boutique fitness studio. A new product, RingHero, is the athletic accessory to keep your rings safe.

Wearing rings in an environment when they can come into contact with hard surfaces can gradually bend the band, loosen the setting and possibly cause the stones to fall out. Current ring storage solutions are limited, unappealing and unsafe. People store their rings in lockers, tying onto shoelaces, leaving in an unsecure coat pocket or car cup holders. The list goes on but they all have one thing in common: these options are not safe. This is where RingHero comes to save the day. RingHero is the athletic accessory to keep your rings safe.

The specialized design is worn on one's wrist to provide visible security for the rings while you hustle hard. The sleek design is subtly stylish, and made in the USA with a reinforced pocket secured with a bonded zipper for ultimate safety. The interior pocket's fabric is brushed for extra protection and to ensure no ring is scratched. The external fabric is antimicrobial, moisture-wicking and provides for a two-way stretch. This specially-crafted Italian fabric is machine washable and retains shape.

RingHero has additional applications outside the fitness category. Medical professionals cannot wear rings under their latex gloves. Just ask Lizzie "This is a great product for nurses, doctors and dental hygienists, anyone is constantly working with their hands. My sister lost one of her bands at work. She put her rings in her lab coat pocket when she was working with a patient and one of them fell out." Anyone from gardeners, golfers, tennis players, cyclists, sailors and ballerinas can benefit from a more secured ring.

The RingHero team has successfully funded their initial round of manufacturing via Kickstarter, raising over $17,000. One backer fanatically shared "Love this idea! I have had stones in my wedding band crushed because of using weights!" Manufacturing of the product is currently underway, set to ship late January. For interested readers who missed the campaign, the online e-commerce shop is now open to accepting pre-orders, please visit RingHero. With the support of shoppers, ring wearers will no longer need to stress over where to store their precious cargo at the gym.

Featured in Crain's Chicago Business New in Chicago and prominent Chicago blogger, Cedar & Rush "Five Workout Necessities That Will Keep You Motivated," RingHero is THE athletic accessory to keep your rings safe.

To learn more about RingHero, contact or visit RingHero.

About RingHero
RingHero is the athletic accessory to keep your rings safe. Founded by four Chicago-based women, who were all struggling with the same problem, where to store your wedding band or engagement ring while working out. Made in the USA, the specialized design is worn on the wrist to provide visible security while the user works out.

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