New Babysitter & Nanny-Parent Matching Site,, Launches Indiegogo Campaign


Shakopee, MN -- (ReleaseWire) -- 12/07/2016 --A crowdfunding campaign for a new, nationwide babysitter and nanny-parent matching site,, has just been launched on Indiegogo. Founded by fellow parent and long-time IT professional, Steve Scofield, the site was designed to offer both parents and caregivers (ages 18+) a trusted, dependable, and safe platform with which to connect with one other.

Scofield and his team created the site to provide a solution for the common problems that both parents and caregivers experience with other paid and free matching sites. Where other sites lack the quality references and in-depth verification processes, provides options to build trust for all parties involved, providing peace of mind and security to users.

Without well-vetted applicants, parents often run into problems with potential candidates not showing up for interviews or jobs, or cancelling with short notice, leaving busy parents with one more issue to address and still lacking adequate child care. also acts to protect caregivers and parents by being able to verify identities. This helps prevent fraudulent service requests, which have been reported on other sites.

As a result, parents have access to a pool of quality caregivers and are given an effective tool to help them make one of the most important parenting decisions – choosing who should care for their children. Babysitters and nannies are given the security and professional respect that they deserve, knowing that the household employers they contact have the option to be thoroughly reviewed. uses a high level of authentication, similar to what banks use to verify an individual's identify.

To make the process of choosing a caregiver even more reliable, the site also offers unique engagement features including video chat and an original reference checking method that compares reference surveys to self-assessment results. To provide the best possible experience for all users, the site removes caregivers or employers who have two no call/no show complaints from other users.

Backers to the campaign can take advantage of fantastic rewards immediately, including a free 2-month premium subscription for a $10 donation. For a minimum of $50, supporters will receive a 12-month premium subscription for free. hopes to raise $50,000 to continue developing and improving the site and to introduce its services to a wider market.

To learn more about the campaign or to make a donation, visit VerifiedSitter's Indiegogo page.

About Steve Scofield
Steve Scofield founded in 2016 in response to his own difficulties as a single parent finding qualified caregivers. After his wife passed away in 2012 from complications giving birth to his daughter, Scofield realized the immense challenges that parents face in seeking reliable babysitters and nannies whom they can depend upon. Through his industry research, he also found that the caregivers themselves have a lack of trust in existing caregiver sites. With a background in IT, he decided to provide a workable solution, knowing that both busy parents and the caring individuals who offer their services to parents deserve a platform that they can trust and greatly reduce wasted time during the interview process.