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Consumers can go to and get the latest in bed sheet reviews and more.


Oakdale, PA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 05/06/2016 --Many consumers look at online review sites before making any kind of purchase because they want to make sure that they are getting the best product they can for their money. is an online site that is focused on helping the consumer choose the best bed sheets for their bed.

The bed sheet reviews are written for the consumer who wants to do more than just grab the closest set of sheets they can find. On the BedSheetAdvisor website, information can be found on thread count, fabrics, even cleaning tips and other suggestions.

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They present the consumer with the top three choices, for which a detailed review is provided, that covers 5 points of importance to the consumer. These points are comfort, ease of maintenance, quality, durability and warranty information. Each of the products reviewed are rated on those same points so the consumer can make an informed decision after comparing the different choices.

BedSheetAdvisor is positioning itself to be a market leader in the bedsheet review space. Currently there are three top choices in bed sheets being reviewed on the site but a lot more is planned including a blog that will provide even more information to the consumer on bedding, sleep habits and much more.

According to Vicky Thomas, the Director of Media Relations, "BedSheetAdvisor is about helping the consumer find the sheets that are going to give them an amazing night's sleep. With sleep problems being so prevalent nowadays, having a real understanding of how sheet choices can affect sleep can help the consumer make the right decision. Our goal is to help the consumer make those with confidence."

BedSheetAdvisor's approach to providing information in a way that the consumer can easily understand makes them the "go to" website when it comes to bed sheet reviews. The consumer will get the information they need to make an informed decision and they won't have to go to several different sites or spend a lot of time researching. BedSheetAdvisor has done all the legwork for them.

Consumers can review the reviews online by visiting the BedSheetAdvisor website found at

About BedSheetAdvisor
BedSheetAdvisor is dedicated to helping consumers get a great night's sleep by providing information on bed sheets and helping them choose the right bed sheets for their beds. The site is only focused on sheets and provides a lot of insight into what makes a great and comfortable set that the consumer will be pleased with.