New Bionic Hand - BIOT

BIOT - an innovative, multipurpose bionic hand that gracefully performs any gesture or grasps with the functionality and appearance of the human hand.


Warmian-Masurian, Poland -- (ReleaseWire) -- 02/25/2019 --An international team of engineers and designers presented a new generation of bionic hand, called BIOT. Biot page

The novel design allows this artificial hand to gracefully perform any gesture or grasps with the functionality and appearance of the human hand.

The biological complexity of the human hand re-engineered into a refined but plain mechanism, covered by international patents. The ingenuity of the BIOT anthropomorphic design begins with dip anatomy research, and the development of new, innovative types of mechanical joints.

The BIOT design provides a reliable and affordable solution for various applications. These improvements makes a significant contribution to the development of artificial arms for prosthetics and robotics. And with an automated modification of this product currently in development, the range of applications for BIOT will continue to expand.

The standard modification the BIOT hand with passive control is already available for purchase at an affordable cost.

The BIOT is the first multipurpose artificial hand available on the market with complete articulation capabilities and a realistic appearance. The hand can be manually posed by a user to express a natural gesture, to hold an object or to display an item.

As a stylish holder or elegant mannequin, the BIOT hand is capable of supporting any items weighing up to several kilograms, such as a lamp, spotlight, gadget, phone, tablet, books, hand tools, jewelry, finery, watches, gloves and many more for home use, or as a showcase product display.

The BIOT hand is also a great educational aid for artists and students who study dynamic anatomy. BIOT opens ample space of opportunities for creative minds.

Technical details
The BIOT hand is distinguished by several original enhancements.

- The thumb joint, designed with dynamic shapes for the thumb foundation and flanges, is capable of allowing natural freedom of motion, recreating natural functionality and strength. This ability is extremely important to perform correct gestures and captures natural positions and poses, such as holding a hand tool grip.
- The knuckle joints are designed with realistic shapes that allow the fingers to move within their correct trajectories for naturally squeezing and spreading.
- The wrist joint is uniquely designed to combine natural range of motion with a realistic human form, with minimal visibility of mechanics.

The BIOT hand is made with high quality of solid plastic, with the possibility of optional customization.
Open hand dimensions: height 32cm/width 8.5cm/depth 6.5cm. Weight 350 gr.
Finger ring sizes: Index 18/Middle 17/ Ring 16/Pinky 15.
Glove size S 7th. Wrist bracelets size 16-17mm.
Parcel dimensions: Height 28cm /Width 10cm/Depth 10cm, Weight 400 gr.
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