A.J. Martinez

New Blues Rock Album Lightens Working-Class American Struggle with Soul & Brotherhood

The man, A.J. Martinez, “of neither means nor ends” on whom “our very survival depends” speaks for working-class heroes in his first album entitled, “Run”.


Madison, WI -- (ReleaseWire) -- 02/10/2015 --Defining the real struggle that is American life, blues-rock artist A.J. Martinez releases his first album entitled, "Run". Bringing day-to-day heroism to the home front, Martinez' music shines a spotlight on life's rigors and the heart it takes to weather them. Celebrating the working-class who have 'a song on their heart and sweat on their brow' the new album follows suit. A blues-rock expression of soulful empathy, "Run" makes you think you're sitting with Muddy Waters, Joe Cocker and Dylan all at the same time.

Thanks to Martinez' gritty voice, soulful harmonica, and relevant lyrics the "Run" album will no doubt do just that; run wild up the charts and into listener's hearts. Its tunes are heavily influenced by the early classics that made their way out of Alabama's iconic sound studio Muscle Shoals. It was there that 'The Swampers' forged a sound that infused music from artists like Lynyrd Skynyrd, the Stones, Dylan, Simon and Scaggs.

Keeping with that vein the indie rock album is a kiss on the cheek of soul and blues written by the artist himself. Joined by his producer Thomas Mansur, who played, composed, arranged, mixed and mastered all the tracks, the album is an expression of love. Love for the working-class American life where both men earned their chops. Having worked most of their lives as tradesmen and laborers they cut to the chase and give real America what they deserve to hear.

About A.J. Martinez
A.J. Martinez is a music artist from Albuquerque, New Mexico who has just launched his first album entitled "Run". The album has already garnered attention from film licensing companies in Los Angeles and New York. His second album is set for release in the fall of this year.


A.J. Martinez album "Run" is available at iTunes and Amazon as well as on the artist's website.

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